Checking Up - The Night Manager Season 1 Episode 2
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At Roper's fortress in Mallorca, Spain, Jed is getting ready, trying on various undergarments. She pops some pills and gets a phone call from her mother, who isn't very nice. Jed doesn't seem to be a very happy with her life.

There's a knock on the door, but Jed isn't ready yet and asks whoever it is to wait a moment. She thinks it's Roper, but it's his young son, Danny instead.

Jed, Roper, and the rest of the crew board a boat for a restaurant. The meal is going well with lots of talking and dancing when a robber appears and takes Danny at gunpoint. They take everyone's jewelry and moeny, but want more. They tell Roper they will exchange Danny for cash. 

They start to take off, but see someone watching them from below and investigate. It's Pine, who's a sous chef at the restaurant. 

Flashback to six months prior. Burr is continuing her efforts to try to recruit Pine. It's obvious he's going to take the challenge. He leaves his night manager job, taking a large sum of cash from the safe and begins his journey to establish a new identity, and one that wouldn't seem suspicious to Roper and his team.

Burr sends Pine to Devon to further deepen his backstory. He rents a cottage under a false name, and seduces his landlady, eventually stealing and adopting he ex-boyfriend's name as his own for his passports. He beats up a local drug dealer informing him that he is now the person in charge and has a very public fight in the local bar to establish even more badassness.

Meanwhile, back in London, Burr is working her own angle to make sure Pine's true identity remains hidden. She works with an American spy, Steadman, who she confided in. They reach out to MI6 for help in bringing down Roper, but are scoffed at when they share that they have no information to share. 

When he's all done, he fakes his own murder and leaves it for the landlady to discover.

Jump forward and we are at the restaurant in Mallorca. Pine fights the guys to release Danny. He gets beat up pretty badly in the process. Turns out it was all a set up to get Pine into the thick of things with Roper.

Roper comes upon him. He's appreciative that Pine has saved his son. He also recognizes Pine calling him out when Pine gives a false name. Pine begs him not to call the police. This intrigues Roper. Instead, Roper takes him to his compound as Corcoran does some digging around about Pine. He doesn't trust Pine. Roper has been away on a business trip, but now that he's back, he's more than interested in knowing what Pine is all about.


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Just remember one thing, honey. You're nothing but a dirty whore.

Jed's mom

There is half a psychopath lurking in there, Jonathan. I ant you to find him and stick to him.