The Crucial Inmate - The Night Of Season 1 Episode 3
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Naz is processed into prison. He's uncomfortable with the line of questioning, and becomes even more anxious to move forward than he was previously.

The male cop who picked up Naz the night of the murder and later threw up wants to leave that bit out of the report. Box says no. That will humanize him, and they need what they can get against eyes like Naz has. He's just a regular kid and it will be hard for a jury to buy he's guilty.

At the courthouse, a prosecutor tells Jack the case is strong and he should move on.

Jack talks with the parents to discuss the fee. He goes from offering a $75k flat fee down to $50k because they say there is nothing they can do to help, even mortgaging their house.

Nas is still being processed. While that's happening, a man in prison is screwing one of the guards. In return, she gives him some drugs, etc. She says he doesn't need to pay her rent anymore.

Naz gets a bed out in the common area out of the quad.

The prosecutor thinks there is no doubt Naz murdered the girl.

Jack learns for the first time Andrea was stabbed 22 times. He tries to get the charge down to manslaughter with very little effect.

Nazir's dad is unable to explain to his partners where the cab is located.

A dude in prison gives Naz some advice, and then immediately tests him. When Naz starts to talk, dude screams, "mother fucker what did I just tell you?!?!"

We have to look at Jack's feet through a giant stethoscope. The doctor tells Jack he's having an allergic reaction to the cologne he's using on his ankles to mask the neosporin and because he's not taking his antihistamines. Put Crisco on his feet morning and night and wrap in saran wrap. Come back in two weeks and they will marvel together at the improvement.

Nazir's parents didn't know they would have to both check in with the prison in order to visit.

Watching her be searched is upsetting.

The police hold a press conference about Naz. The press asks about his faith, if he's in contact with foreign organizations. It turns heads outside and inside the prison.

A man named Freddie has given Naz a pair of shoes. He'll need them. For traction. Naz is next shown wearing them in the shower.

The two other owners of the cab learn they have no recourse about the cab. They'll likely be sued by the state. The recourse is to file charges against Naz for grand theft auto. The guy in impound gives them Jack's card.

Jack is home with the crisco and saran wrap.

When Jack looks around Andrea's house for clues, he finds her cat in the back, waiting to get in. He feeds it. In return, it rolls on his disgusting feet and purrs its thanks.

An attorney goes to the Khan's house. She denigrates Jack and says she's take the case for nothing. It's the kind of case that reminds her why she wanted to be a lawyer in the first place.

Something feels terribly off.

Jack belongs to a rash support group. It's all men. Weird.

Jack is buying t-shirts, socks and underwear for Naz.

Jack goes to see Naz, with the clothes. He also says he'll put some money into his account, because you can't be in prison without money.

Naz tells Jack he's not his lawyer anymore. The rest of the conversation goes pretty poorly from there. Jack is affected not only because of the case, but because he cares for the boy.

Jack goes to see Miss Crowe about stealing his client. He gets Ms. Kapoor instead. He gives her a few choice words and heads out into the night.

Jack walks past Andrea's house and sees the memorial to her and the cat trying to get in again. He says he's allergic.

In prison, Freddie wants to see Naz. He explains he's a celebrity in prison because he raped and murdered a girl, even if he didn't and also because he's a natural born Muslim and not one who is only acting to get better food while in prison.

Freddie tells Naz to close his eyes and give him his hand. He puts his hand on meat he got from the guard.

Freddie offers his protection. Freddie doesn't reply. The man in the bunk next to him thinks he's crazy.

Jack takes Andrea's cat to the shelter, wondering how long they keep them before they get gassed. Ten days. The dude said people like full bred pretty cats, and that wasn't one.

Naz gets up to go to the bathroom and and when he comes back, his bed is on fire.

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The Night Of Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Cop: Are you in fear for your life?
Naz: No. Should I be?

Even if you can't remember anything, you'd know it, you'd feel it. I'm not a murderer.