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Jack and Naz are talking in a jail cell. Naz's first instinct is defend himself. Jack wants him to shut his mouth. Naz wants to tell Jack the truth. Jack needs to be flexible.

Naz's parents are getting ready to leave the house. His mom is taking a casserole.

Box is on the scene where they still haven't collected the body. She's still lying stark naked in bed, covered in blood, evidence cards all around.

Jack describes Box to Naz as a talented oppressor, a subtle beast.

Meanwhile, Box is looking at Naz's asthma inhaler in the middle of all that gore.

It's time for the autopsy. I love the closeups on removing her personal belongings and the bone saw before picking it up.

A man, apparently her step father, is in the morgue. He seems pleased he doesn't have to look at the body and can only look at photos to make an identifiction. It's not his step daughter. His name is Mr. Taylor. Because he didn't identify her, he has to look at the body. Then he's her.

Jack is itching his disgusting feet on the subway, something so appealing a woman next to him gets up to sit elsewhere.

Naz's parents are sure his arrest was a mistake. They don't know where in Manhattan he is. They have to go to another precinct.

At the courthouse, Jack is emptying his pockets of so much crap. Even a hard-boiled egg. When they ask him to remove his shoes, he suggests they don't want him to do that.

Mr. Taylor is getting news about the "decedent" from a very dry woman behind a glass window. There's no compassion, no emotion.

Box, however, snuggles up to Mr. Taylor when he's finished with his duty.

Jack's client didn't wear a tie. Jack shakes his head.

Naz's parents cannot see him because he's an adult. Salim says they're not leaving. Sgt. Klein says it's a free country.

From Mr. Taylor, we learn the house Andrea was living in belonged to her mother, who died last year of cancer.

Jack's client gets three years. Client wants to know how he can get time like the Jew did. Do a Jew crime.

At the precinct, Box and Klein set Box up to act like Box is a nice guy. "Where's the harm in letting them see his son?" Did Box want Klein to argue a little, or just leave it at that? Just leave it at that. Yep, that guy is good.

Naz tells his parents everything while Box watches. Naz sees the camera, looks straight into it and begins speaking his native language.

Jack is on the subway again, where he has his own advertisement.

Jack and Box have words about the case.

Jack tries to explain to Naz that the truth doesn't mean anything to a court case, but Naz, like so many of the rest of us, has no idea what to think of that.

Box tries to get Naz to talk, knowing exactly what buttons to push. The biggest button of all being the giant red one that says TRUTH on it. Box eggs on Naz, trying to get him to break. Naz knows Box shouldn't be doing it, talking to Naz without Jack present.

Box hands Naz his inhaler. Never saying where it came from. Naz takes it. Box continues talking. Things got out of hand. He becomes more sympathetic, even sitting beside him in the adjoining cell. He tries the "help me help you" tactic. "The immense sense of relief when they finally just let go and tell someone the truth. It's like finding God." And there is the kicker.

When Naz says he's not talking to Box anymore, Box goes and writes Homicide on the whiteboard next to his name.

He's given a sweatshirt and sweatpants and put into the bus for transport.

There is something important about the fact there is a changing of the guard at that exact moment. Closeup of the precinct journal when Klein goes off duty and someone else takes his place.

Naz is watching other new inmates being processed, including one guy who had a cellphone up his ass. The guard asks if the guy wants to take it out himself or he wants him to do it. The guard lubes up and pulls it out. Good God.

Once in the jail cell, one of those with seats all around the wall, a dude is puking in the toilet screaming, "I'm sick, I'm dying!" prompting another inmate to give him something to be sick and dying over.

Jack is getting ready for court. He has a teenage son and an ex wife. His son will be doing a paper on Jamie Fox. His ex wonders if he can handle a case as big the one he just scooped up.

Ms. Weiss is in the courthouse. She's just hearing about the murder and wants to get involved. I think.

Box is at the police car shop. They're going over the cab for evidence.

Box goes to the house next. He has a court order to search the house for evidence.

They're basically taking all of his things, including his parent laptop.

Box is chatting with Weiss again. First name Helen. She appears to be the prosecutor. She asks Box if he thinks the kid did it. Box blinks, throwing Helen. He says he's sure.

When it's time, bail is denied. The judge seems to like the kid and Jack. That doesn't mean he's going to vote against the severity of the crime.

Naz is back on a bus and headed toward Rikers Island.

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Then again a knife wielding, heavy breathing sex brute is not a pretty picture.


Naz: You keep saying story, like I'm making it up. I want to tell you the truth.
Jack: You really, really don't. I don't want to be stuck with the truth. Not until I have to be.
Naz: But you need to know what happened.
Jack: I NEED to be flexible.