The Investigation Continues - The Night Of
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Jack is wrapping his feet in saran wrap when he gets a new client.

Naz gets advice from a fellow inmate. Look and don't look people in the eye. He doesn't know how he's supposed to do that. And he's getting a little angry about the supposition that he should.

Jack takes a new case, and as he's listening to the guy's story, he realizes how ridiculous he sounds. He appears thoughtful, wishing for Naz's case.

He attends Andrea's funeral. Box is there, and warns Andrea's friends away from Jack.

They exchange words. Box warns him away, but Jack thinks this is exactly what Box should be doing. Jack gets some video of two men fighting at her grave, then sets off in search of places she may have been before she died.

For some reason, he people at Invictus want Jack to get off the block, not just leave their stoop. It could be because he's taking photos.

At prison, Naz is getting advice from his new pal about who to stay from.

Meanwhile, Hassan, Naz's brother, is in trouble at school. Other parents have expressed concern about his presence in the classroom. WTF? Dad says he's on the honor roll, but even without his schoolbooks, which the police confiscated, he is still getting As.

The guy who told Jack to leave the block will spill details for $250.

Naz is still learning the ropes. It's not good to be in prison. They actually have boiling hot water available by tap in the common area.

The guy returns to Jack his phone with photos of Andrea's file.

At the DA's office, a woman is going over Andrea's file, as well.

Jack gives the information he received to the assistant of Naz's new attorney. He is selling the information, of course, with a markup. Oddly enough, her first reaction was to say the information couldn't be used. Jack said of course not, they had to get a subpeona for the originals.

Naz has a court date.

Jack is out on the street. He's eating a hot dog outside the courthouse when Naz's new attorney arrives. He watches everyone walk up, individually. Naz's parents are left to fend for themselves, no attorney to greet them.

This will be the first time Allison meets Naz. She gives him the same advice he just received from his new prison friend. Naz finds that humorous.

Allison tries to talk to the judge about bail. Part of her tactic is to speak poorly of Jack. The judge didn't like it. When she speaking to the press afterward, Allison calls Naz a member of one of the most reviled ethnicities in America, then continues on to chastise Dad for interrupting her while she's trying to save his son's life.

Back at prison, Naz gets sliced on his way back in. He asks to speak with Freddie. In a roundabout way, he says thank you for the blue suit instead of the orange.

Naz wants to know why he's being favored by Freddie. Me too.

The thing Freddie is most proud of out of all the accomplishments on his wall is his high school diploma. He liked school. Life took him where it took him, but he still did it right. The Art of War and The Other Side of Midnight may be the most popular books in the prison library, but Freddie suggests The Call of the Wild. Naz thanks him, but he's aready read it. He considers Naz a care package for his brain. But he still has to ask or he can't help him. Help him what? Survive.

The guy in prison with Naz is in because his Niece was murdered by her fiance, but the guy got out on a technicality after spending like no time. He saw him out dancing and wanted to kill him. He missed, killing a busboy instead. So he's in prison while a cold blooded murderer who killed his niece and her unborn baby is out having the time of his life. He carries a photo of his niece, slain, in his pocket.

From kitchen supplies to Clorox. That's the latest "treatment" from the dermatologist.

Alice works a plea bargain for Jack without ever having had a full conversation with him. In fact, the plea rises from 10 to 15 years because she's that bad of an attorney.

Allison takes the plea to Naz as if there is nothing she can do for him. She never even tried. Naz wonders where her associate is because his parents liked her. She looks baffled.

Jack learns about the plea from some guy at the bar while watching Nancy Grace. The dude calls Man 1 and 15 years a gift from the Gods. Box comes in, sits down and uses the same phrase.

Naz gets information from his prison pal. If he had accepted his deal, he'd be out now.

Allison asks Chandra to meet with Naz. Naz thanks her for talking to him like a person. That melts Chandra's resolve and she speaks to him like a person again. Do what's right for him, not what Allison says.

Jack comes in to the courtroom just before things begin. He says 15 years will most likely be 12. Naz will be 35 when he gets out. He can still have a long, full life. He cannot assure that will happen if the case goes before a jury. Jack would give anything to be 35 again. Take the deal.

Naz tells his story. But he can't lie. He doesn't remember what happened. Allison hates him and quits. Chandra will be his attorney. But since they actually have to, you know, work, it won't be for free.

Jack calls about the cat. It's still there, but he doesn't want it.

The guy Naz made as a friend takes all of his anger out on Naz. For his niece Charlene, he tosses a glass of hot, boiling baby oil onto Naz.

When he returns from the infirmary, dude is sitting on his cot with a wicked grin on his face.

Fine. Naz wants to see Freddie.

The Night Of
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The Night Of Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Judge: Prepare for what? This isn't his trial. You'll have plenty of time to prepare. And it's not as if he didn't have professional counsel before.
Allison: Excuse me? Professional counsel? He had John Stone. [laughter]
Judge: Ms. Crowe?
Allison: Your honor?
Judge: Not in my court.

Judge: Are you sure the diapers were for a baby?
Jack: They were Pampers, your honor, not grampers.