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It's party time in the ER but Ragosa jinxes it by using the Q word -- quiet.

Jordan's mom is in town, but she hasn't told her about TC yet because she'd rather her be out of town before breaking down that door.

Drew isn't pleased to be saddled with Ragosa when the traumas roll in.

One of the victims, Taylor, has a dislocated jaw that is utterly horrific looking. Watching Krista try to fix it was even worse. The girl was sixteen, pregnant and just married Ryan.

Ragosa recognizes one of the patients is the wife of a hospital higher up and after telling Paul how awful she is, Drew sticks him with her, too.

Taylor's dad comes in and is quite unhappy when he learns she's married. While Ryan's parents are standing over their son, Taylor's father starts an argument with them. They're all a mess. Kenny breaks up their fight and kisses his guns in approval.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Scott are working on another pregnant woman. When she asks Jordan to call her fiance, stationed in Germany, it's concerning.

The important woman wants to rhumba with Paul and thinks he is soft as a baby and has a nice butt. 

Jordan and Scott have words. Was he pissed and hurt when they first broke up? Yes, but he's happy now. That seems unlikely.

The police come in and arrest Ryan in the hospital. 

Jordan's pregnant woman, Chloe, is in labor. She promised her dad she'd be married before the baby was born, but he died last month. 

Taylor's father, Denny, softened after learning Topher and TC were deployed. He needed to be understood after two tours and coming home to find his life torn apart, his wife gone and a daughter living alone with friends. He bonds with TC and wonders how he has kept it together. TC finds it ironic, but the guy feels like a joke. TC offers him help and says all he needs to do is take it. He says he will.

Suddenly Denny is in with Taylor, but he doesn't tell her he's going to get help. They argue and Taylor appears to have a heart attack.

Marilyn Capshaw is dancing around and eating chips while Paul wonders what's wrong with her. Topher checks her eyes and determines she's high as a kite. 

The pranks continue with Ragosa. When an old man has no pulse, everyone freaks out and says he has a dog jaw and as Ragosa leans in the guy screams. Apparently a device he has keeps him from actually having a pulse. It's Drew's way of teaching him to look at the chart. Ragosa doesn't find it funny nor does he think Drew is a good teacher.

Chloe needs a C-section. Her boyfriend is in Afghanistan.

Drew wonders why Topher gave Ragosa the job when he was such a dick in the past. Then Topher shares a story about a board member wanting to fire Drew when he came out and someone calling the guy a bigot and fighting for his job. 

Marilyn is upset with Paul for ageism. He should have asked the same questions of her he'd ask anyone. She asks him if he wants a hit. He says no and she says his father would be sad. He got him in? No. He wanted them to keep him out.

Paul won't quit the ER and join his father because he's afraid he won't be good enough. Marilyn wants him to do what he wants to do, not from fear, but for the right reasons. 

Drew pages Ragosa and has him save someone's life. It's pretty sweet.

Marilyn Capshaw leaves, first telling Topher Paul should be made an attending physician very soon in whatever specialty he desires. Topher is shocked.

TC acts as an in proxy groom for Chloe, but the baby goes into distress before the wedding can take place. They do it with the computer on her lap as they all race to the operating room. There is a happy ending for the new family.

Denny faces an unhappy ending when he learns Taylor was deprived of oxygen and is in a coma. When Ryan and his family wheels up, asking what's wrong, Denny pulls a gun. TC tries to stop him. Instead of shooting anyone else, he shoots himself. He is never revived.

Ryan's parents wonder what the hell they're supposed to do now. Krista suggests they hug their son, every chance they get.

Paul's dad has emailed, asking about a residency at John's Hopkins.

Taylor wakes up.

TC and Jordan leave together and she decides it's time to tell her mother about them.

The Night Shift
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The Night Shift Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

[to Kenny] Even I would look ripped in your scrub top. What is this, a boy's small?


Ragosa: I have to say, as an administrator, these shenanigans would have driven me nuts. I'm having such a great time. Who knew this ER could have such a quiet night, huh?
Topher: What's wrong with you? Don't ever say the Q word!
Ragosa: What? I just...
Topher: Hey...shhhh... you don't talk about fight club, you don't talk about a no hitter and you never ever mention the Q word in an ER. You will jinx it.
Ragosa: Sorry. I didn't know. I didn't know!