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TC is out on a SWAT raid treating patients.

Drew is training for rangers school with the help of Shannon and Kenny. 

TC discusses Jordan's idea and agrees to help get people interested, but doesn't want a long term commitment. 

Jordan tells everyone to wear a mask to avoid spreading meningitis. 

Shannon promises a young boy named Angel they won't let anything happen to his mom. 

The immigrants brought in to be deported all have meningitis. 

Cain tells Jordan he's going back to Mexico and that he quits. He has multiple passports. 

A patient getting an MRI attacks the cops, steals a gun, and starts shooting. He escapes through the ceiling vents as TC calls security. 

The young boy, Angel, tried to make himself sick enough to stay with his mom but overdoses. Shannon and Scott treat him. 

SWAT tries to figure out the best way to catch the guy in the vents. TC is overruled. 

Scott tells TC that Syd is pulling out of the meeting because her husband threatened to sue for full custody of their kid. TC says not to cancel the meeting just yet. 

TC goes into the vent to rescue a SWAT member who's been shot. TC lowers her down but doesn't come down himself. TC fights the suspect in the air vent, but he's okay. 

Paul's patient, the ICE agent, makes it so Angel and his mom can stay. 

Amira shows up to see TC and meets Jordan. TC says Amira is going to joing the combat training team since Syd canceled. 

Shannon is looking at open residency positions. 

Kenny asks Paul if he'd give him his blessing to marry Bella. Paul says yes and Kenny tells him he already asked her and she said yes. 

Jordan and Scott make a deal with the military that they can get medics combat ready in a matter of days. 



The Night Shift
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The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Scott: Hey, I know what measles looks like, and none of these people have measles.
TC: Hey, Scott, look, I need you to look at all these people. Okay, the woman I just brought in with her son is suffering from septic shock. They've been in that place for God knows how long catching God knows what, and they're all scheduled to be deported tonight. Who knows which of them is going to survive. We can't just let these people suffer.
Scott: You're right.
TC: Really? Cause I thought you were going to fight me on this.
Scott: You don't own the moral compass for the world, TC. The least we can do is give them some basic care before they get shipped off. I just could have used a heads up.

Hey, slow it down short stack. You think I don't know that? I'm telling you that you're healthy so you don't freak. I'm telling them that you're deathly ill, highly contagious and can't leave this hospital under any circumstances. So, be sure to look real pitiful if anyone pokes their head in, okay?