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Oscar is hosting a sports radio show from his apartment while his assistant, Dani, watches. 

He asks her to leave saying that he's expecting a woman (Casey) from downstairs to stop by and return the mail he purposefully left in her mail box. 

She does stop by and he invites her in for a drink, but it is interrupted when his friend Felix shows up saying his wife kicked him out and is divorcing him. 

Oscar and Felix go out to dinner to discuss Felix's marriage troubles. At the end of the night, Oscar invites Felix to come stay with him. 

The next day, Oscar returns home to discover Felix has cleaned his incredibly filthy apartment. 

Oscar's friends come over to watch a game expecting pizza and beer, but instead of pizza, Felix has cooked for them. The food is all vegan and the guys decide to leave and watch the game somewhere else. Oscar starts to regret asking Felix to live with him and the two of them get into an argument. 

Oscar sets up a double date for him and Felix with Casey and her sister. It doesn't go as planned when Oscar gets emotional over pictures of his ex-wife and Felix ends up spending the night with the girls. 

Felix returns the next morning and admits to Oscar that he needs his help learning to loosen up. 

The Odd Couple
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The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Oscar: Hot Casey from downstairs might be stopping by.
Dani: So you've moved from flirting in the elevator to an actual date?
Oscar: Sort of, I sneak some of my mail into her mailbox to force her to come by the apartment.
Dani: Aw, all the great romances start with the words "sneak" and "forced."

Casey: Let me guess, another neighbor with your mail?
Oscar: No, you are the only woman in the building I'm stalking, I promise.