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Oscar wakes up at 3 in the morning due to Felix playing the cello in the living room. 

Emily rings the doorbell and comes in saying she's concerned about Felix. She tells Oscar that she gave Felix a sleeping pill and they wonder if he's actually sleep walking. 

Teddy tells Oscar that Chris Webber is coming in for an interview, but Oscar yawns due to his lack of sleep. 

Felix comes in and Oscar shows him a video of him sleepwalking the night before. He tells Oscar that he can't sleep without his favorite pillow which is at Ashley's house. He can't go get it because Ashley felt he was coming over too often and won't let him come back for 30 days. 

Oscar insists they need to get the pillow, so they decide to go while Ashley is at yoga. 

While Felix gets his pillow, Oscar finds a photo album on the coffee table. He finds out that Felix and Ashley went on vacation with Oscar's ex-wife and her new boyfriend. Oscar is upset that Felix lied to him. 

Oscar realizes he left his phone at Ashley's and has to go back for it. Ashley and her date return home and Oscar hides. He manages to get out before she sees him. 

Oscar returns home and apologizes to Felix for calling him a bad friend. Felix wants them to agree to be honest from now on. Oscar reluctantly tells him that Ashley is dating someone. 

The Odd Couple
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The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Emily: Oh hey Oscar, did I wake you?
Oscar: No, I'm always up at this hour to milk the cows, make sure Ma is warming the griddle.

Felix: What else did I do? Was I also brushing my teeth for hours because the battery was totally run down?
Oscar: Yes, yes you were.