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Casey is back for one night and Oscar suggests she come up to his apartment for a drink. 

Felix announces that it's his first birthday as a newly single man. He also reveals that he met his wife that day as well. Oscar is frustrated that Felix is telling Casey stories. 

Casey is upset that Oscar only cares about sleeping with her when his friend is obviously in pain. Oscar makes up that he's throwing a surprise party for Felix and he overhears. 

Oscar calls in reinforcements to help him plan the last minute party and they manage to put one together. Teddy arrives with his daughter and her friends who are supposed to be having a sleepover at his house. 

Felix arrives pretending to be surprised. Oscar brings out his surprise for him - Dwight Howard. 

Roy reveals that coincidentally it's also his birthday, but Oscar ignores him.

Dani gives Felix a bird and Emily gives him a fancy vacuum. She accidentally sucks the bird into the vacuum. 

Casey suggests that Oscar come to her place for a drink since she has to leave in eight hours. 

Emily interrupts to tell them that Felix has disappeared. Casey suggests that Emily go get him, but Oscar reluctantly says he should go. Oscar finds him at the roller rink where he usually went with his ex-wife on his birthday. 

They return home and Felix receives a text from his ex saying she hopes he had a good birthday. 

The Odd Couple
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The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Oscar: Well your body needs a work out, you really need to keep it moving.
Casey: So, like a run?
Oscar: Yes, but with less vertical pressure on the knees.

He was cleaning a vacuum, we just had to go ten feet.