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Felix is concerned that something is bothering Dani and questions Oscar about what it could be. He finds out that Oscar really doesn't know much about her. Felix insists that he go talk to Dani. 

Oscar finds out that she's just been invited to her high school reunion and she's worried she'll be the only single one. 

Felix thinks that he and Oscar need to find Dani a boyfriend. Oscar thinks it's a bad idea and Felix accuses him of being selfish. 

Teddy suggests his brother in law as an option for Dani, but Oscar dismisses him as a moocher. 

Oscar takes Dani to a bar to try to help her meet someone, but Dani proves to be picky and quick to judge. Though Dani doesn't have any luck, Oscar meets a girl. 

Felix introduces Dani to a guy named Will and they have dinner at the bar. Oscar wants to prove to Felix that he's not just about one night stands and asks Kimberly on a date at the bar as well. 

Oscar realizes that Kimberly is taking advantage of the waitress and ripping her off. Oscar is uncomfortable and tells on her when she dumps a bug on her plate in order to get out of paying the check. 

Felix is distraught when Dani and Will don't hit it off. Dani ends up getting along with a guy who hates Oscar's radio show. 

The Odd Couple
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The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Felix: It's obvious what we have to do.
Oscar: Yeah, teach Dani to cry in the shower like a normal person.

Oscar: Wait Alan the moocher who lives in your basement?
Teddy: Hey, many great men got their start in a basement.
Oscar: No, many great men got their start in a garage, many serial killers got their start in a basement.