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Michael Scott is full of good ideas.

Like the net that you put in your toilet to catch loose change, your wallet or anything else that might fall in there.

Among Michael’s great ideas is the “best idea anyone’s ever had.”

This is Michael’s Golden Ticket idea, which was inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

It’s the best idea, until all five Golden Tickets offering 10 percent off your next paper order end up in a shipment sent out to Blue Cross, Dunder Mifflin’s biggest account.

And of course, Michael neglected to put “one coupon per customer.” So that’s a whopping 50 percent off what’s likely to be a huge paper order.

Michael is all gung-ho about the “Golden Ticket” promotion and even shows up at work dressed like Willy Wonka to get everyone excited about it.

The jacket and top hat was actually a better ensemble than the t-shirt and sports coat look he attempts to pull off later in the episode.

Michael goes down to the warehouse and hides the tickets in random boxes of paper, not realizing they’re all going to Blue Cross.

When Jim gets the call from his client, he explains to Michael what happened and Michael knows he’s in trouble.

David Wallace attempts to get in touch with Michael but Pam continues to give him excuses off a list that Michael has given her.

They include attending a civil rights rally, visiting the Lincoln Memorial, getting a colonoscopy and getting trapped in an oil painting.

Michael inevitably gets on the phone with David to talk about the promotion. He blames it on Dwight and then afterward tries to get Dwight to fall on his sword and get fired in Michael’s place.

Dwight doesn’t want to fall on his sword for Michael.

He fell on an actual sword once when running, while wearing his sword on his belt and I guess it wasn’t a good experience. He contemplates taking the fall for Michael but never really makes up his mind.

When Wallace shows up, Michael’s all ready to throw Dwight to the wolves.

Dwight doesn’t say anything as Wallace announces that the idea, which should have cost Dunder Mifflin a ton of money looks like it’s going to make money for them because Blue Cross now wants to go with DM for all of their office supply needs.

Dwight is happy to take the credit for the idea, which drives Michael crazy.

After Wallace attempts to get Dwight to explain the inspiration for the idea on a conference call with their marketing people and Dwight stumbles through it a little, not having seen Willy Wonka, Michael busts in and declares Dwight a liar.

He and Dwight argue over whose idea it was, though all Wallace would have to do was read both Dwight and Michael’s diaries and get the whole story there.

Wallace doesn’t care though. Their bickering annoys him and he leaves.

Meanwhile, Kevin is trying to decide whether he wants to ask Lynn out.

She’s the woman he met at Michael’s Valentine’s Day singles thing. Jim and Pam are giving him the “Just ask her out” advice, while Andy thinks Kevin should play it cool and make sure not to compliment her.

He says “You can’t let a girl feel good about yourself. It will backfire on you.”

Kevin smartly doesn’t take Andy’s words of wisdom. He inevitably asks Lynn out in the parking lot and after she says yes, he compliments her boobs. Lynn seems charmed.

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The Office Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Pam: [on phone] Yeah, that's no problem.
Michael: Pam?
Pam: [on phone] Sure. Uh huh.
Michael: Pam? Knock, knock.
Pam: I'm on the phone.
Michael: I know you are. Knock, knock.
Pam: [on phone] You can fax it over. Yeah, 5-7-0-5-5-5-0-1-
Michael: [at same time as Pam] 4-9-1-7-4-5-1
Pam: 0-1-7-5. Thank you. Bye, bye. [to Michael] It really makes us look unprofessional.
Michael: They would never know it was me doing it. Here we go, Knock, knock.
Pam: Who's there?
Michael: Buddha.
Pam: Buddha who?
Michael: [puts a slice of bread and stick of butter on Pam's desk] Buddha this bread for me, won't you?
Pam: Great.

Michael: I need something to wipe my hand.
Pam: Now there's, there's butter on my desk.
Michael: That was helping. It was classic.
Dwight: I got a knock-knock joke.
Michael: No... God.