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For some overtime pay, Pam agrees to serve as Michael’s driver as he goes on a lecture circuit to talk to the other branches in the northeast about his “secret recipe of success.” Whatever the heck that is.

Pam reveals that the only reason she’s participating in this little road trip is because she’s getting time and a half pay.

Still, she regrets it almost immediately.

Michael treats Pam like a driver not only by allowing her to manage his oversized luggage but also by riding in the back seat.

Part of their trip includes visiting the Utica branch. Pam gets extra made up, denying to Michael that she’s nervous about seeing Karen.

In private, Pam admits that she hates the idea of anyone hating her.

When they arrive in Utica, they see Karen is pregnant.

Michael makes inappropriate remarks, asking her if it’s Jim’s and stating that he’s trying to figure out the last time she and Jim had sex.

Pam is mortified.

Michael’s lecture is useless.

They fill the rest of their time making small talk about Karen’s pregnancy. She shows Pam some pictures of her husband and Pam in turn tells Karen that she’s engaged to Jim.

Karen’s happy for them and the two seem to be getting along, at least for the very short term until Michael makes things awkward.

As they’re leaving Utica, Pam tells Michael that she’s happy that she got to see Karen because now they have closure.

When Michael says he never got closure with Holly, Pam decides they should go to New Hampshire so he can get some. Closure, that is.

Back at the office, with Jim and Dwight taking over the party planning committee, it’s no wonder Kelly’s birthday slipped through the cracks.

Jim and Dwight try to make amends by throwing Kelly a belated party.

While Jim tries to collect money from everyone, receiving a three dollar bill from Creed, Dwight gets to work on the decorations.

When Jim asks Dwight to find out how old Kelly is, Dwight checks her file and learns that Kelly attended a juvenile detention center.

Meanwhile, Andy develops a crush on a client that comes in to see Stanley.

After stalking her car in an attempt to see what kind of music she likes and then trying to get her to reveal if she has a boyfriend, he looks to Creed for advice. Creed.

Creed tells Andy (whom he calls Jim) to just kiss her.

Andy walks the woman out to her car, claiming that there are “a lot of weirdos out there.” Andy leans in to kiss her.

Rejecting his advances and his invitation to join him on a mall date, she gets in her car and leaves.

She also apparently decides not to go with Dunder-Mifflin. Shocking.

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The Office Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

I am single now. What we have here, is the ultimate smackdown between the Nard-Dog and crippling despair, loneliness, and depression. I intend to win.


Julia: I can't accept these prices, Stanley. They just cut our budget.
Andy: Brought you guys some coffees. Stanley, I know you have adult onset diabetes. So I put Splenda in yours. Let's see. How many did I put in there? [starts singing to the tune of Feist's "1-2-3-4"] One, Two, Three, Four Splenda's in your coffee, Stanley. None in yours, Julia, cause I don't know how you take it. But if you'd rather...
Stanley: Four Splenda. Are you crazy?
Andy: Well, No, I actually only put in two. But that's not how the song goes.