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At the launch of the Michael Scott Paper Company, things played out kind of how we thought they might, at least in the broad sense, with Ryan 3.0 and Pam trying to coexist in a small room ... below the bathroom.

For the most part, Pam tried to stay calm in the face of Michael's frightened procrastination, while Ryan mostly texted and talked about Pam behind her back ... with her standing right there.

Ryan's fall from grace, trip to Thailand and subsequent employment at a bowling alley has made him a Grade-A d-bag, but a hilarious one.

Nevertheless, Pam neared a meltdown, and went upstairs to Dunder-Mifflin and asked for her old job back.

But then, Russell, a guy they met at the Michael Scott Paper Company's big pancake lunch with big, square, paper-shaped pancakes whom Pam gave a scrap of paper (not a business card) inexplicably calls and buys something.

Pam's excitement at making her first-ever sale, proving she's not just the girl who makes copies, and also kind of showing up Ryan, was awesome.

Upstairs, things were a little bit rockier.

Charles asks Jim for a "rundown" and to send it to "the distribution list" - Jim has no idea what either request means. Jim, of course, flounders when the usual charms and coping strategies fail.

Meanwhile, Dwight and Andy, new best friends after their hunting trip, soon engage in flirtations with new receptionist Erin. In the end, their man-crushes on one another win out and prevent a sexual rivalry, redux.

The Office
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The Office Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

It's Britney bitch. And I am back, in the form of a new company. The Michael Scott Paper Company.


Pam: And I guarantee, that you will be satisfied! 'Cause your satisfaction is our guarantee! We guarantee it. We look forward to doing business with you too. Thank you Russell.
Michael: Yes!
Pam: I made a sale!
Ryan: Oh!
Michael: You did!
Pam: Oh!
Michael: Oh yeah!
Ryan: We did it!
Michael: She did it!
Michael: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!