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Pam says it's the last day for the interns at Dunder Mifflin - and thanks to a montage, we get an idea of how they spent their summer: Not productively.

Jim and Pam make jokes about shotguns in their wedding.

Michael starts to feel left out when he realizes that he's missing a lot of Office gossip. He learns something about Stanley, and he starts spreading rumors that Stanley is having an affair.

And of course, the most logical person to start with is none other than Kelly, whose reaction is just what we expect.

Jim tells him to quit it, though we'd find out later on that Stanley IS cheating on his wife.

Alas, Michael isn't Michael if he isn't persistent and smart.

So he trudges on, and spreads even more rumors to confuse people as to which is true and isn't.

Some of the rumors:

  • Angela is dating an 81-year-old
  • Kelly has an eating disorder
  • Erin is sucking at work
  • Andy is gay
  • Pam is pregnant

So Kevin picks on Andy. And surprise, surprise, it isn't the first time a similar rumor has spread.

Michael then tries to do damage control, but it's too late. Andy is slightly convinced that he might be gay. 

When the Office people try to get into the bottom of things, they find out that Michael is the culprit, who in turn admits that he made everything up ... except one thing. He starts to admit that Stanley having an affair is the one true item, until ...

Jim comes up and admits that Pam is indeed pregnant. And just to prove it, Pam comes out with the ultrasound. Aww.

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The Office Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Jim: You gotta figure this out.
Andy: How?
Jim: Have sex with a woman.
Andy: Oh, yeah!
Jim: Then a man. Then compare.

Andy: [on gay rumors] For the record I prefer women, but off the record, I'm kinda confused.
Jim: Really.
Andy: The evidences are stacked against me.