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"Mafia" was perhaps most notable for the lack of a honeymooning Jim and Pam - and the way they tend to be rational yins to Michael's Yang.

Thus, this week was a full-blown nut job party.

All Angelo Grotti wanted to do was sell Dunder Mifflin some insurance, but thanks to the fertile imaginations of Andy and Dwight and the utter suggestibility of their boss, that turned into a mob shakedown.


With the newlyweds gone, Oscar was the lone voice of reason in the office - or at least the only one who cared enough to try setting things straight.

The interplay between Dwight, who insisted on confronting Grotti to let him know that they wouldn't be intimidated, and Andy, who thinks the measure of a man is how quickly he flees confrontation, also played out nicely.

Their rivalry over Angela has obviously cooled off quite a bit, but Dwight also still clearly gets off on the fact that he's not a coward like Andy.

The rather simple story allowed for the B-story of Kevin inadvertently cancelling Jim's credit card. You gotta love Kevin. Always.

Overall, not up to the show's usual standards, but a letdown after last week's wedding was inevitable, and it's always enjoyable, even when it's not at its best. That's why it's such a great show!

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The Office Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Dwight: Do you know how to use that?
Andy: To change tires? No. But it's metal. I can hit somebody with it.

The only way to stop a bully is to stand up to him. Trust me - I've bullied a lot of people.