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Jo Bennet (Kathy Bates) and her two large dogs visited the office this week, fresh from Florida and explaining that Sabre's goal is to use Dunder Mifflin's northeast contacts to sell Sabre prints. Sounds simple enough, right?

But it was complicated for Jim and Michael because Jo said it was silly to have two managers. One would need to go back to sales, a position neither wanted at first. But then each learned, separately, that salesmen could learn A LOT of money under Sabre because there's no cap on commissions.

This led to Michael initially deciding to take on the job (once Jo gave him the freedom to decide)... but he didn't like it for numerous reasons. One of them? Phyliis smelled like sulfer due to new allergy medicine she was trying. Michael told Jim he wanted to switch back.

Exasperated by this duo, Jo said she didn't care who did which job. So we ended back where it all started: Michael is in his office and Jim is a sales person again, sitting between Dwight and Pam.

In the episode's other main storyline, Andy gave everyone a Valentine's Day card because he didn't want to make his feelings for Erin too obvious. But this backfired when the card he gave Kelly ended up being way too romantic. She thought he liked her - and, quoting every romantic comedy ever, she talked herself into liking him, as well.

But once Andy saw the error in his ways, he sent out an office-wide emails saying he didn't actually "like like" anyone. Asked about that in front of the group by Kelly, Andy admitted he liked... someone else. He didn't say who, but he and Erin are inching closer and closer to their first date.

We can't wait!

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The Office Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Jim: In which movie did they realize the boss was within earshot and they just went to talk to her?
Michael: Lethal Weapon?
Jim: Then I think we should do it the Lethal Weapon way.

Yeah, I have this thing about men cutting or threatening to cut my throat. Don't try to cut my throat!