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The Office episode every has been waiting for finally arrived.

The entire group was off to Niagra for Jim and Pam's wedding, but not before a stern warning: no one mention of Pam's pregnancy! Her conservative grandmother doesn't know anything about it. Jim, of course, is the one to accidentally make this announcement during his rehearsal dinner speech, but Michael saves it by mentioning how couple can't always be safe because the sensation is different for guys without a condom on.

Okay, he didn't really save it.

Following that mishap, it seems easiest to simply sum up the rest of the weekend's developments:

- Andy injured his scrotum trying to do a split while dancing Friday night. Pam had to take him to the hospital;

- Stanley brought his mistress as a date;

- Dwight slept with Pam's best friend, and then blew her off the next day;

- Pam grew quite annoyed by everyone behavior, especially by the fact that she knows "way too much" about Andy's scrotum;

- As a result, she and Jim vanished for awhile, while everyone wondered why the wedding started so late; including Kevin, who was wearing a hair piece and wore Kleenex boxes as shoes because the hotel tossed out his actual pair, due to their terrible smell (don't ask);

- Michael and Pam's mom bonded and we even saw them going into her hotel room during bonus coverage;

- The actual ceremony took place during a montage, set to the Chris Brown song that a couple's wedding party danced to months ago; turns out, Jim and Pam took off and got married on their own under Niagra Falls. They, therefore, felt quite relaxed during the actual ceremony, as their co-workers boogied like fools to the aforementioned single.

It actually wasn't that hilarious of an episode, as The Office often struggles to fill an hour of funny TV. But the closing montage was very sweet and, come on, Jim and Pam got married! How can that not make for a great installment of The Office?!?

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