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Viewers met Cecilia Marie Halpert this week - but it wasn't easy.

When we first entered the office, Pam is already having contractions. But she wants to wait as long as possible to go to the hospital because her and Jim's HMO only covers two nights there. The goal? To last until midnight. This becomes a challenge, as Pam's contractions speed up and become just five minutes apart.

While she asks her office-mates to distract her, Jim freaks out. He even sits in the car, anxious for Pam to join him and drive to the hospital. But Pam is dedicated to remaining at Dundler Mifflin and we soon learn why: she's freaked out about delivering a baby. Really freaked out.

Fortunately, Jim - with some funny help from Michael and Kevin - convince her that everything will be okay... and they're off the hospital. Except that Pam forgot her iPod, which has her birth song on it. She sends Dwight to her house to get it. When he arrives, he finds the kitchen cabinets covered in mold, so Dwight acts like Dwight: he replaces all of them.

While this is going on, Pam is in labor at the hospital and Dwight is working out a contract over the phone with Angela. He wants her to spawn his child, but only under certain terms. She seems oddly into the idea.

Pam, meanwhile, finally gives birth to a little girl. Her and Jim are overjoyed - and then overwhelmed. Cecilia doesn't seem to latch on to Pam's nipple when it's time to breast feed and even the assistance of an awkward lactation expert doesn't help things along.

While the Halperts are struggling as new parents, Michael is back in the office, basking in his matchmaking skills. He tries to set up Erin and Kevin, but we all know where her heart belongs. Finally, Andy realizes it, too, and asks her out via an adorable fax. She says yes and they plan a date for a Thursday night.

Back at the Halpet home, Dwight and Angela have agreed to the terms of their baby-making contract, but Dwight has also ran into Pam's friend Isabel, the one he slept with at the wedding. His interest in her seems to be piqued. In Angela? Not so much.

Finally, Pam and Jim must leave the hospital. They couldn't be more hesitant to do so, but when Jim leaves to get the car, something magical happens: Cecilia latches on to Pam's breast! We think these two will be great parents, after all.

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I'm been noticing a gaping hole in my life. Sometimes, I wake up cradling a gourd.


You cannot exploit your baby for sales.