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Dunder Mifflin is having an office wide garage sale, but Michael has other things on his mind. He is prepared to propose to Holly but needs the help of Jim, Oscar, Pam and Ryan to get it right.  After deliberation they finally do, and Michael proposes to Holly in a room full of burning candles and sprinklers.  She says yes and they decide to move to Colorado to take care of Holly's elderly father.

Dwight tries to trade up from a thumb tac to the most expensive thing at the garage sale.  After doing so, he gets tricked into trading Jim for his magic beans.

Kevin, Andy and Darryl play the board game based on the television show "Dallas."  Without the rule book, Andy and Darryl make up the rules as they go along.  Kevin pretends be upset that they continue to make up rules so that they don't notice he stole the money they had bet on the game at the beginning.

The Office
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The Office Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Kevin: When I was a kid I was on "Dallas."
Andy: Really?
Kevin: Yeah. We missed our connecting flight so we spent the entire day on Dallas. Then we spent a week on Hawaii. I was on heaven.

Old Lady: How much for the Slip 'n Slide?
Michael: Get lost.