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Robert tells Andy that the branch needs to cut down on the mistakes.  Dwight creates a Doomsday device to help people work more efficiently.  If they make five mistakes the machine automatically sends an email to Robert California saying that the branch should be shut down.


Inevitably they make five mistakes before the end of the day.  Pam, Kevin, Erin and Andy go to Dwight's house to convince him to shut it off, but they end up just being nice to him instead.  He ends up disabling it.


Meanwhile Gabe and Daryl are fighting over the same woman at work.  It turns out she doesn't date co-workers, or at least that's what she told Gabe.


The Office
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The Office Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

I never heard that song before, and once I heard it I did not care for it, but that song means it's time to go home. Now, it's my favorite song.


Oh my boss is singing "Closing Time."