Phyllis, Pam and Meredith
Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 23
"The Michael Scott Paper Company"
Original Air Date:

Michael hosts a luncheon for his new company. Dwight and Andy pair up for a hunting trip, while Jim is confused when a "rundown" is requested by Charles.

Pam Closes the Deal
Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 22
"Dream Team"
Original Air Date:

Michael adds another familiar face to his company roster, and Jim faces off with Charles ... in a pickup soccer game.

Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 21
"Two Weeks"
Original Air Date:

Michael's relationship with new V.P. Charles becomes increasingly tense, as he finds an excuse to goof off even more than usual.

Idris Elba as Charles Minor
Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 20
"New Boss"
Original Air Date:

Michael has big plans for his 15th anniversary party at Dunder Mifflin, but the new Vice President has some ideas of his own.

The Golden Ticket
Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 19
"Golden Ticket"
Original Air Date:

Michael causes a huge problem in the office when he comes up with the idea to put "golden tickets" into packages of paper for clients to ...

Dwight Schrute Pic
Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 18
"Blood Drive"
Original Air Date:

It's Valentine's Day and Michael meets a mysterious woman at a blood drive. Dwight and Kevin pair up with single women, while Jim and Pam are banished for too much PDA.

Michael on the Lecture Circuit
Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 15
"Lecture Circuit (Part 2)"
Original Air Date:

Michael and Pam continue their trip to different branches as Dwight and Jim try to make up for the party disaster. Angela has a new cat that causes problems.

Michael Scott on the Lecture Circuit
Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 14
"Lecture Circuit (Part 1)"
Original Air Date:

Michael goes on a speaking tour of the other branches to explain Scranton's relative success, accompanied by his driver, Pam. Dwight and...

Angela and Michael
Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 13
"Stress Relief"
Original Air Date:

Dwight's fire safety seminar goes all wrong, so he must make amends to a stressed-out Dunder-Mifflin branch.

Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 12
"Prince Family Paper"
Original Air Date:

Hilary Swank: hot or not? Seriously, that's the big issue at hand in this episode. Only at Dunder-Mifflin!

The Office Quotes

Sometimes I'll start a sentence, and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way. Like an improv conversation. An improversation.


When I was in college I used to get wicked hammered. My nickname was Puke. I would chug a fifth of SoCo, sneak into a frat party, polish off a few people's empties, some brewskies, some Jell-O shots, do some body shots off myself, pass out, wake up the next morning, puke, rally, more SoCo, head to class. Probably would have gotten expelled if I had let it affect my grades, but I aced all my courses. They called me Ace. It was totally awesome. Got straight Bs. They called me Buzz.