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Eva Sinclair has taken over on The Originals Season 2 Episode 17. When Hayley finds her trying to take Hope, the Mikaelsons rally to protect their greatest asset. Hayley and Elijah visit Josephine while Marcel sits with Vincent and learns Eva's history. Klaus takes on Freya and demands her to put Rebekah back in her original body, but Freya says it's not that easy. Klaus believes he knows a witch who can help them and takes Freya to her.

Josephine and Vincent tell the story of the Rites of Nine. Eva took one witch from each of the New Orleans covens believing that doing so would create a new order of witches in the city. Vincent was the one who originally put her away and now that Eva has returned and begun taking children again, Josephine has placed a bounty on her head. They will not protect Rebekah. 

Klaus and Freya arrive at the crypt where Esther has been hiding and Klaus lures her out of hiding with blood bags. Freya is shocked to learn their mother has become a vampire. Klaus compels her to answer their every question truthfully.

Marcel sneaks up on Eva while she's tending to a wound and shackles her with a dark object which will prevent her from doing magic. He demands her to release Rebekah and Eva reveals she has Davina captured. As Marcel begins to torture her for answers, Vincent stops him and asks for a turn to speak with her.

Elijah continues working on Josephine but she refuses to call off her witches. Hayley gets mouthy with Josephine and instead of listening the witch reads Hayley's future and tells her of a blackness coming in their future which should terrify them all.

Eva and Vincent discuss their past and their prior hatred of vampires. Eva tells him that the kids she was suspected of killing are still alive, but cloaked, and that she doesn't plan for any of them to die. 

Freya threatens Esther against touching her and Klaus says Dahlia is coming to take his child away. Esther is shocked to learn that Hope is still alive and Klaus fills her in on the past several months and the secrets she doesn't know. He demands a spell which Freya can use to put Rebekah back into her own body. 

Eva tells Vincent she doesn't blame him for betraying her and believes he now sees what must be done to rid the city of vampires for good. All they need is one more witch to complete the spell, Hope. Vincent joins Eva's side and frees her after giving Marcel a witchy migraine.

Hayley, Marcel, and Elijah return to the compound and Marcel fills them in on the fact that Hope is the only witch they need to finish the spell. Elijah gives the order to kill Vincent and capture Eva should they come after Hope. He doesn't want to abandon his sister but doesn't care if they lose Vincent. Eva and Vincent instead pay a visit to Josephine LaRue. 

The old woman is shocked to learn that she's the witch they're coming for to complete their spell and Josephine can't believe that Vincent would listen to Eva. 

Esther writes the spell and has a showdown with Freya who holds a certain level of animosity toward her mother for letting her go at the age of 5. Klaus tries to interrupt their mother's reminiscing and thinks better of it, instead opting to let the women have it out. Esther believes Freya's light is gone and there is no goodness left in her. She says Freya's offers of help come with a price. 

Eva reveals the sleeping witches to Vincent and tells him that she lied. At least a few of the witches will have to die in order to complete the spell. He had assumed as much and knocks Eva unconscious before calling Marcel and revealing his whereabouts to the vampires. He sees that Eva is linked to all the witches so if she dies, they all die. They need a powerful witch to unlink them all.

Freya needs an anchor in order to free Rebekah from Eva's body. She plans to use Klaus as that anchor, but doing so will give Freya free access to Klaus' mind and his secrets and strategies, which she can then give to Dahlia. Elijah arrives and offers to be the anchor. While the men argue, Freya breaks her chains, snaps Klaus' neck, and then takes Elijah to serve as the anchor for her spell.

Gia sits with Hayley and Hope and discusses the enemies coming for the baby. Gia offers to hold off anyone who may come for the baby while Hayley gets her out of the compound. Hayley doesn't quite understand Gia's willingness to put herself at risk, but Gia says she would be doing it for Elijah. She understands how much both Hayley and Hope mean to him. 

Freya instructs Marcel to put Eva inside a salt circle so that she can send him and Vincent inside Eva's mind to free Rebekah. In order to send Vincent inside with a weapon, she has to stab him. Then she uses Elijah as the anchor she needs to complete the spell. Marcel and Vincent wake up inside and hear Rebekah as a child screaming. They begin looking for her immediately.

Klaus awakes and Esther tells him they're gone. When Esther laments ever turning them into vampires, Klaus tells her that he prefers them as they are instead of what they could have been. 

Marcel finds Rebekah locked in a closet inside Eva's mind at the same time they also find Eva. Her magic is stronger inside her own mind and Marcel seems to be no match for it. Outside, Elijah struggles to hold Freya in the spell while Eva gouges Marcel's eyes out. Vincent stops her and she appeals to his love for her by saying that he's breaking her heart. She won't fall for his tricks again. 

Klaus arrives just as Elijah and Freya begin to lose Vincent and adds a boost of his own power to the witch who comes back to himself just in time to tell Eva how much he loved her before discovering she was the murderer he hunted. The child Rebekah stabs Eva with the mystical dagger and the two men come out of the spell. Davina wakes up, as do the other witches, which tells them the spell worked.

Rebekah is safe, but she's still inside Eva's body. She refuses to go back into her own body until she knows the link between Eva's body and the other witches is gone. She knows they will need the power of the witches working with them instead of against them when Dahlia returns, plus she cannot save Kol unless she's a witch. 

Klaus doesn't like her decision but listens to her appeal that they be a family united, for once. 

The Treme witches welcome Freya into their coven and New Orleans, giving her a home, an anchor, which could prove deadly for the Mikaelsons when Dahlia returns. 

Freya visits Esther in the crypt to tell her that Dahlia took her light, which is why she can no longer see it. Esther is no longer her mother but she is not Dahlia's child. When Esther tries to apologize, Freya tells her it's too little, too late. She then reveals that she'll be turning the family against Klaus because they will never be allies, and then she kills their mother.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

There's a saying in my family. Kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow. Yet even as you dance on that demon's grave, you can't help but wonder, was that demon alone? Or do you have other, deadlier ones to fight? And though you celebrate having won the battle, have you really prepared for the war? So as we dress ourselves in teh armor needed for this new fight, we must first tend to our wounds, starting with the deepest.


All of us live with a demon inside. Some days you control the demon. And other days it controls you. And it is always hungry. It feeds on lust and longing. And while you may slumber, the demon never sleeps. It tempts you into crossing every line you've ever drawn, all the while it tests you, haunts you. And once it has turned your loved ones into enemies, the demon has consumed you whole.