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On The Originals Season 2 Episode 12, Freya's ghost, or someone pretending to be Freya's ghost reaches out to make contact with Rebekah while she sleeps, sending her visions of the day their aunt Dahlia took their sister away. 

In the bayou, Klaus has gone looking for Hayley. Hayley tells Jack she can't tell him her secrets because it isn't safe for him to know. He tells her he has a secret, too, and it has to do with her parents and their death.

Rebekah visits Cassie and reveals her plan to channel Freya's power in order to break out of the asylum, but she gets distracted by a new witch in the house who is enamored with the television. Freya is the new witch.

Davina awakes in Kol's lab where he's moving forward with his plan to create a dagger that will work on Klaus. Just before they start the spell, Davina gets a text from Aiden informing her that Josh and Marcel are still missing. Finn has them and he's starving them in order to get Marcel to talk.

Klaus visits Jack's grandmother and refuses to invite him in. He threatens Jackson and intimidates the family matriarch before heading off in search of the betrothed.

Jackson takes Hayley to a werewolf burial ground for those who walked away from the pack and reveals that his grandfather killed Hayley's parents in an effort to prevent them from uniting the packs in order to make peace with Marcel. He tells her he hasn't known the secret for long. Just as Jackson declares his love for Hayley once again, Klaus arrives.

Rebekah and Cassie continue their plan to escape from the asylum and when Rebekah witnesses the kindred witch in charge beating Freya over the apple, she jumps to the girl's aid. The kindred witch steals Freya's blue necklace and Rebekah tells her they have to stick together.

Hayley tells Klaus she's on the fence about telling Jackson their secret but believes it would be a good idea. Telling Jackson and going through with the wedding would give them an army of wolves to protect Hope so that they can bring her home. Klaus doesn't want an army of wolves to protect her. He wants to do that himself. He tells Hayley she cannot marry Jackson and she becomes firm in her resolve to go through with it.

Aiden takes some of Josh's personal items to Kol and Davina. After Kol snarks a bit he and Davina channel their powers to find Josh and locate him at Lenore's bodega. Aiden tries to leave on his own to rescue Josh and Davina won't let him. She insists that she and Kol help him rescue Josh.

The eldest kindred witch makes her way up the stairs in the house and as she approaches the locked door, it opens and pulls her inside.

Back in the bayou, Hayley and Klaus continue to argue about their child and plans to save her life. Hayley tells Klaus that he's the reason they can't bring their daughter home because he's too paranoid to trust people. After telling Hayley he trusts her more than she knows, he snaps her neck saying it's Jackson he doesn't trust.

Finn has awakened Marcel and tied him up with vervain-soaked ropes. Finn reveals to Marcel that what he wants is Klaus' secrets because he believes that secret is Klaus' weakness. Marcel holds out and endures Finn's torture while taunting the elder Mikaelson brother. 

Freya visits Rebekah's room after lights out and wants to know why Rebekah is there. Rebekah begins to tell bits of the family story to the girl, who asks why she and her family fight instead of standing together. Rebekah asks Freya to come along with her as she tries to break out of the asylum. 

Klaus returns to the cabin to speak to Jackson, who goes outside to meet his adversary in battle. Klaus tells Jackson he hasn't come to fight but to kill Jackson. 

Marcel convinces Finn he doesn't know Klaus' secret just as Kol arrives. After stabbing Marcel in the hand with a dagger, Kol begins trying to win favor with Finn, telling him about the dagger he's forging for Klaus and promising Davina's loyalties to Finn in his quest to destroy Klaus.

Rebekah goes looking for Cassie and can't find the Harvest girl. She does find the unlocked bedroom upstairs and the body of the elder witch. Upon entering the room, she wipes dust from the coffin and realizes there's no body in it. Cassie has turned on Rebekah, bringing the elder witches to punish Rebekah. Freya kills them all, saving Cassie for last, and then heals Rebekah's hand.

Just as Klaus is preparing to kill Jackson, Hayley arrives to save him, telling Klaus she trusts Jackson. Klaus tells her to go on with their wedding and tells Jackson that if he ever betrays Hayley, he'll pay.

Finn continues to work out the answer to what Klaus is hiding and tells Kol he's been unable to locate Elijah, which means Elijah is hiding something. Then Finn reveals he's aware Kol has friends in the back room of the bodega. Aiden finds Josh and Finn wakes up the vampires, who have been put under a hunger spell. Aiden breaks Josh's neck so that he and Davina can escape.

Freya opens the doors of the asylum and she and Rebekah walk through them, then Freya reveals her identity. 

For his betrayal, Finn curses Kol to death. He has three days to live. Hayley tells Jackson their secret and Klaus tells Elijah about the wedding. Rebekah returns to the compound and introduces herself to Nik.

Finn isn't done with Marcel after realizing that Marcel was compelled to forget something about Hope and deduces that the baby is still alive.

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