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On The Originals Season 2 Episode 13, Finn continues searching for Hope and uses Marcel and magic to locate her. The magic hiding the baby is greater than his and he is unsuccessful. That is, until Freya walks in.  The two reunite and plan more mischief.

Rebekah, Elijah, and Klaus discuss Freya's return and Klaus wants to know if Dahlia still lives. As Klaus and Rebekah begin to argue, Elijah reminds them that the only thing they must worry about is that no one discover Hope is still alive. Klaus offers to separate Jackson's head from his body to keep him from talking, believing him to be the only one who knows their secret. Elijah assures him Jackson will not talk.

Hayley and Jackson continue to plan for their wedding in the bayou and pack members keep leaving brooms on Hayley's doorstep. Jackson tells her that in the old days it was difficult to get a preacher to the bayou to perform wedding ceremonies so friends and family left brooms in case the betrothed couldn't wait for the preacher's arrival to consummate their marriages. He reveals that he's been building a crib for Hope which he started when Hayley was pregnant then tells her that the Alphas from other packs are coming to bow to him so they'll be covered under the umbrella of the unification ritual.

Rebekah and Klaus get word that Finn has Marcel just as Kol walks in the door. He says he's come because Finn has cursed him. He's dying unless they can help him undo Finn's spell. Klaus doesn't trust him and believes he's running a con. Kol assures him that he's not lying and Rebekah backs him up. When Kol tells them that Finn is trying to get secrets out of Marcel, Klaus starts to listen.

Freya tells Finn that Dahlia cast a spell on her, putting her into a deep sleep for a century. She has one single year of life before she'll go back into her sleep state. Dahlia planned this as a way to keep the two of them young, but she knows their aunt uses the spell for more than that. Dahlia is a hunter and Freya has been running from her. Finn reveals that Klaus has a child and the news stuns Freya. She plans to find Hope and kill her so that she may continue to live without her periodic sleeps.

Marcel and his vampires are still under Finn's spell, but Marcel begins to awaken and talk to Gia. When Marcel refuses to do Finn's bidding, Finn begins killing Marcel's vampires. Finn needs Hayley's blood and Marcel agrees to get it in order to save Gia.

Elijah and Cami continue to keep watch over Hope. Hope gets a scratch and Elijah begins seeing visions of the red door. 

Kol and Rebekah try to use a spell to find Finn, but Rebekah isn't strong enough. When Klaus suggests they call Davina, Kol objects. He doesn't want her to know that he's dying. Klaus opts to go inside Kol's mind instead in order to retrieve the spell Finn used to lock Kol into this body. If they can learn the spell and use it against Finn, Klaus will be able to kill their brother. Instead of the spell, Klaus learns about Kol's plan to create a dagger that can be used against him.

Cami and Elijah discuss his visions of the red door and Cami suggests he has PTSD. She tells him it's going to take time for things to settle in his mind and suggests that he try not to focus on moving past it. She believes he may find success if he immerses himself in physical labor and hands him a list of tasks to complete around the house.

In the bayou, the children of the pack play with Jackson and Hayley enjoys seeing him with them. She senses Marcel in the woods and sends Jackson on to their meeting so she can talk to him. He tells her that Finn knows their secret and that he needs to deliver a vial of her blood to Finn or he'll massacre Marcel's vampires. She believes it's time to call Klaus.

At the compound, Klaus continues to rant at Kol over his plan to create  a dagger. Kol knows that his brother will not help him and leaves the compound. Rebekah chases after Kol, who has gone to his lab.

Finn calls Kol and offers a proposition which might spare Kol's life. If Kol will deliver some of Klaus' blood, Finn will spare his life. Kol agrees to do it.

Elijah spends some time outside the house mending fences and using his vampire strength to do it. 

Kol storms the compound to get Klaus' blood for Finn and after a battle, Klaus tells Kol it's not too late to prove himself loyal to their family. Kol asks to be let in on Klaus' secret and then tells him that Finn wants his blood. Kol knows that he's hexed and there's no undoing the spell and since Finn is a murderer and a liar, he doesn't deserve to get what he wants.

Mary prepares six Alphas who plan to pledge their allegiance to Jackson and Hayley sends Jackson's blood with Marcel, but Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah soon learn that the quest for blood was a decoy. Finn used that to keep them busy so that he could get to Elijah and Hope.

Cami has taken Hope out of the house on errands so they aren't at home when Finn arrives. Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah need to sever Finn's link to their parents in order to stop Finn or find a magic power boost of their own. Hayley tells Marcel she needs to leave the woods to get to Hope and he tells her to stay and build the wolf army with Jackson. Marcel's vampires wake up in the back of a van in the woods, hungry for blood, which they can smell.

Finn tells Elijah that Freya is still alive and that he plans to finish what their mother started as he has no intentions of dying right now. He stakes Elijah, who desiccates in the barn, and then goes in search of the baby.

Kol and Rebekah plan to overload Finn's magic, which will force him to release their parents' power or allow it to kill him. He'll body jump, but he'll be away from Hope if he does. Klaus arrives with a bag of dark objects whose power Kol and Rebekah can channel and also hands over the white oak stake. 

Marcel's vampires arrive at the alpha ritual and attack. Jackson and Marcel usher the alphas to Mary's cabin while Hayley holds off the vampires, who will not relent until Finn's spell breaks.

Finn enters the safe house and Elijah wakes up in the barn. Finn knows that Cami is helping them protect the baby. 

Kol and Rebekah are close to overpowering Finn's magic when the spell breaks. They need more power, so Klaus offers himself up for their benefit and tells Kol not to fail. Kol has Klaus' trust.

Elijah, awake and no longer staked, returns to the house and throws blades at Finn, who is being overcome by Kol and Rebekah. Finn continues to use magic to try and defeat Elijah, and the blood from both of them sends him toward the red door once again. He fights back the hallucinations and Finn is overcome. The vampires in the woods drop. Rebekah vows she will do whatever it takes to keep Kol alive.

Still in the house, which is filling with gas, Elijah stares at the blood on his hands and Finn gets inside his mind with psychoanalysis. Cami approaches the house with Hope and her car stalls on the road. Elijah removes his ring and blows up the house with himself and Finn inside. Suddenly, the car starts.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Klaus: The only thing delicate about you is your ego.
Rebekah: When placed beside the behemoth size of yours, certainly.

Now Finn, don't break my heart and tell me you've forgotten me.