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As The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 begins, Klaus is bothered that Elijah has moved across the river and Rebekah tries to intervene. They will need to work together if they are to defeat Finn. Plus, Freya and Dahlia loom on the horizon. Elijah says he's moved in order to assemble new allies for Hope's protection.

While Rebekah wanders the market, she bumps into men who are looking for the girl whose body she is inhabiting. She can't make her magic work and Marcel comes to her rescue. He knows who she is.

Finn lacks power and wants to return to the tomb to channel Mikael. Freya wants to wake Mikael up so she can have a moment with him. Esther, she says, is dead to her since Esther gave her away. Finn agrees to wake Mikael for his sister.

Klaus believes they need to use werewolves to track Finn and Freya in the city. Jackson believes the werewolf army should reside at the compound to protect Hope. The men begin to argue and Hayley intervenes, saying that Freya is more powerful than any of them suspect. Jackson makes it clear he doesn't take orders from Klaus but agrees to send his best men hunting because Hayley requested it.

Marcel pours himself a drink and wonders why Rebekah never told him she was back. He wants thanks for saving her and she won't give it. He knows the witches outside the quarter aren't kind to outsiders and suggests they pay a visit to the matriarch for information. Elijah visits Josephine while Marcel and Rebekah learn more about her body.

Finn covers Esther and warns Freya not to wake Mikael. She casts a spell to wake him and uses her blood to do it.

Elijah plans to take Gia with him to visit Josephine because in her younger days, Josephine was a talented musician. Gia doesn't want to play, but Elijah tells her she's more talented than those in the local symphony. He hopes Gia's talents will help persuade Josephine to work with vampires.

Aiden stands up to Jackson about how the wolves are being used as Klaus' errand boy. When Jackson leaves, Klaus enters either trying to drive a wedge between Aiden and his leader or to offer genuine advice. Perhaps both.

Marcel asks Rebekah for an explanation about her decision not to tell him she was back while they wait for the arrival of someone who can tell them about her new body. She didn't want to see him when she wasn't in her own body for fear she would want to kiss him. He asks if she wanted to and she says no. Enter Ruben Morris, a man gifted with the art of seeing. He plans to throw tea leaves to determine the identity of Rebekah's body.

Mikael wakes up confused and curious about Freya's return. He doesn't recognize her. She tells him things only she could remember about her childhood and the last time she saw him. He accepts her story and her.

Jackson brings Hayley a grilled cheese sandwich and offers help with Hope any time she needs it. She asks why he's been so distant and he says he hasn't wanted her to feel obligated to him or the marriage but they do have to live as husband and wife. She realizes he's talking about sex, suggests they go for it, and Hope wakes up.

Rebekah is eager to have her leaves read but Ruben tells her and Marcel they have to drink their tea first. As he tells them her identity, Eva Sinclair, and reveals that she was stealing children to channel their power, she and Marcel begin to feel dizzy. Ruben has drugged them.

Gia and Elijah pay Josephine LaRue a visit at her home. When Gia finishes playing, Josephine asks them to leave, calling them monsters wearing the skins of humans. When Gia feels insulted, she insults Josephine back and Gia's more direct plan works. Elijah asks for Eva Sinclair and Josephine asks for Vincent to be returned in exchange.

Aiden's companion in the tombs falls victim to Mikael. Freya stops her father and whisks him away before he can kill Aiden. Klaus lingers outside the tombs calling for his brother Finn and ignores a call from Elijah. Klaus and Finn fight and just as Klaus is about to kill Finn for coming after Hope. Elijah stops him in the nick of time and they argue about what to do with Finn. Freya arrives and takes Finn's essence into her necklace before offering Klaus and Elijah a deal.

She tells them that she never intended harm to Hope when Finn came to the safe house to find her. Esther destroyed Finn just as she destroyed them all, and Freya knew that the brother she remembered never would have been capable of something like that. Klaus doesn't trust Freya even though she has deep knowledge of Dahlia and the threat she poses to Hope. When he learns that Freya plans to use Mikael to defeat their aunt, he leaves the cemetery.

Elijah tells Freya that he doesn't trust her either but he's willing to work with her for their mutual benefit. 

At the compound, Hayley can't comfort a crying Hope. Jackson steps in for a minute and Hope quiets down. They take advantage of the opportunity.

Rebekah and Marcel discuss the issue with Rebekah being in Eva Sinclair's body. 

Klaus asks Hayley to send more of the wolves on the hunt for Mikael. Finn is no longer a concern, but Mikael's return scares him. She refuses and he threatens to kill the wolves if they disobey him. She tells him that if he uses Hope and Hope's safety to try and manipulate her again, she'll leave.

Elijah and Gia discuss their victory with Josephine LaRue and then Gia makes an offer which Elijah cannot refuse. 

Klaus tries to talk Aiden into becoming the leader of the Crescent wolves by overthrowing Jackson. Eva begins waking up inside Rebekah, which does not bode well for the magical children outside the quarter.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

[to Rebekah] A warning to you. You are not who you once were. This body is all too vulnerable.


Fine, I'll answer for you. 'Thank you for rescuing me, Marcel. It's so good of you to still care, even though no one told you that I was back.'