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Klaus and Elijah begin The Originals Season 2 Episode 19 by discussing their new strategy in dealing with Dahlia. Klaus wants to celebrate over breakfast and mimosas but his siblings are less enthused. Elijah and Rebekah don't want to celebrate knowing that Dahlia is on the horizon and knowing that Freya probably won't help them now.

Klaus hears footsteps in the compound and they walk out to see Josephine in the courtyard. She has a message from Dahlia. Deliver the baby by nightfall the following day or suffer her wrath.

Hayley and Jackson discuss leaving the safe house. Jackson wants to leave, and Hayley is afraid that taking Hope out of the safe house will expose them since Dahlia can sense Hope's magic. Hayley wants to prevent Hope from doing magic at all believing that will prevent Dahlia from sensing her and Aiden volunteers to help with their mission.

Rebekah visits Freya in the cemetery where she is consecrating their father's ashes. Rebekah begs her to trust Klaus and align with them in the fight against Dahlia and Freya issues an ultimatum: They may have her or Klaus but not both of them.

Elijah finds Klaus painting and Klaus refuses to share the location of Mikael's ashes fearing Elijah will take them to Freya. 

Klaus finds Aiden in the compound where he retrieved an item Hayley requested. Klaus warns him against being disloyal and Aiden takes the shackles to Davina and Josh so that she can transfer their magic to a smaller object so that Hayley and Jackson can run. Still grieving Kol, she agrees to help.

Hayley watches as a vine begins to grow inside the safe house. Dahlia has found them. She walks through a garden killing people and phone lines. Hayley is eventually left unprotected. 

Rebekah visits Marcel to tell him of her dilemma and whether she should choose between her brother or her sister. Marcel encourages her to trust Klaus knowing the hybrid has a plan. Elijah visits Freya to give her the knife Mikael used to carve runes into his staffs. Long ago, Klaus stole it from Mikael. He convinces her to work with them to defeat Dahlia.

Cami pays Klaus a visit while he paints. Elijah sent her to talk to him about his recent disagreeable state. She invites him for a walk and when he refuses, opting instead to go back to painting, she urges him to open up.

Dahlia realizes she cannot enter the safe house lest she be rendered powerless. She tells Hayley that the trouble with Freya was that Freya remembered her family. Hope will not. This does not comfort Hayley.

Klaus takes Cami up on her offer to get some fresh air and the two walk to a cafe where Cami discusses Freya's upbringing and how hard her life must have been. He doesn't trust Freya knowing that there's a chance she's as much like Dahlia as he is like Mikael. 

Sensing danger, Aiden tells Josh he loves him. He plans to tell Jackson the truth, but he wants Josh to run away with him. The plan is to leave in two hours. 

Marcel pays Davina a visit since he hasn't seen her out in a while. She shares her hurt over the fact that he didn't ask how she was after Kol died and he asks for the dagger the two of them were creating. He believes they may need it during their battle with Dahlia.

Klaus and Elijah discuss the fact that Freya is willing to work with them again and Klaus is still adamant that he will not work with her believing that she showed her hand when she lamented the fact that the only weapon they had to defeat Dahlia was destroyed. In order to know Klaus' plan, Klaus wants Elijah to forsake Freya. 

Aiden delivers the necklace Davina made and then confesses his recent loyalty to Klaus. Jackson punches him in the face and then reveals the way Klaus was able to get to him. Jackson forgives him and Aiden says he's leaving. Someone was watching them from across the street.

Klaus and Elijah go to the safe house to get Hayley and Hope and bring them back to the compound. Hayley announces that she and Jackson and the wolves are taking Hope into the bayou. Klaus tells them both that while they have been arguing and chasing Freya, he's been "forging a new path" and knows how to defeat Dahlia.

Aiden hears Dahlia's whistling melody and the flowers in his hands wither. She kills Aiden in order to make it look as if he was attacked by Klaus. Josh promises Davina that she can come visit when they see his body in their rendezvous point. Josh breaks into tears and Davina believes Klaus is responsible. 

Jackson delivers Aiden's body to the safe house and demands an audience with Klaus. Seeing what has happened, that Dahlia has staged Aiden's death to look like his fault, Klaus uses the moment to challenge Jackson's ability to lead and threatens anyone who defies him. As Jackson and Klaus begin fighting, Hayley and Elijah choose sides. 

Rebekah and Marcel discuss Klaus and the way he has a habit of ruining everything. She says she can't find Josh and then gives Marcel the dagger that will put Klaus down. 

Jackson puts the bracelet on Hope while she sleeps. Hayley talks to Elijah and reveals that they have a way to keep Hope from doing magic but they need time to get out of the city and into the bayou. She knows they'll be safe there but admits they can't hide from Dahlia and Klaus at the same time. 

Klaus enters the compound where Cami is waiting to find out if he really killed Aiden. He tells Cami the truth. When he returns to his studio, Elijah reveals that he knows Klaus put the ashes in his paints and that Jackson and Hayley have taken Hope into the bayou. As they fight, Elijah daggers Klaus and as he desiccates, his siblings watch. 

The church bells ring Dahlia's tune.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Elijah: Niklaus, if we cannot trust one another, we cannot work together.
Klaus: No, we cannot.

It's not every day you lose your father at the hands of your brother. Again.