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As The Originals Season 3 Episode 10 begins, Klaus remembers moments he and Cami talked while he rages around in his room destroying it as she lays dead. Finally, he holds her as she awakens, in transition.

She is able to remember that Aurora compelled her to kill herself after drinking a vial of blood. Cami is in pain and Klaus tells her she needs to feed or she’ll die for good.

She showers and washes the blood from her skin and Elijah reveals that the Seratura and Finn’s essence are both missing. Klaus wants to storm off after Vincent, but Elijah tells him to stay. Cami will need him.

Vincent is in the cemetery working a spell for Tristan which will activate the Seratura. Tristan threatens to put Finn back into Vincent’s body if he doesn’t comply. After Vincent completes the spell, Tristan takes him hostage and tells Marcel to stop worrying.

In the bayou, Jackson and Hayley load some of Jack’s belongings into his truck when they’re attacked by Lucien’s hunters. Hayley and Jack fight back, biting a few of the vampires before Aya makes it possible for Hayley to be shot with darts and taken down.

Cami struggles to adjust to the heightened senses of being in transition and Klaus tells her that once she transitions it will all calm down. She says she’s unsure she wants to transition and blames herself for not anticipating this was how her life would end. Klaus seems confused that she would choose not to feed.

Vincent talks to the witch holding him hostage for Tristan and asks what it’s like to be a backstabbing traitor before taking her out and recovering Finn’s essence for himself. Just as one of Vincent’s captors is about to kill him, Elijah shows up for a talk.

Klaus takes Cami to her apartment where she questions her faith and whether or not turning into a vampire will be heaven or hell. Elijah and Vincent, alone in the cemetery, discuss the Seratura and whether or not Vincent can deactivate the token. He says he can’t, and that he’s done with doing favors for vampires.

Cami continues talking about her death and what she wants for her wake when Klaus puts a vial of blood into her hands and tells her that he needs her. She decides not to transition and begs him to respect that and spend their last couple of hours together instead of fighting.

Hayley and Jackson are trapped in a cellar, he’s being pumped full of wolfsbane. Fearing he might not get out of the situation alive, he tells her he loves her. Tristan enters and ruins their moment, killing Jackson right in front of her.

Elijah learns that a compelled tourist delivered Jackson’s heart to them in a box. Hayley’s will follow unless the Mikaelsons meet with the Strix. Hayley says goodbye to Jackson.

Klaus takes Cami back to the compound where he puts her inside a boundary spell so that she can’t be stolen or escape while he goes off to save Hayley. She vows never to forgive him if he forces her to transition.

Vincent wants to go to the covens to propose an alliance before the four of them go off after Tristan, fearing Tristan has all of the advantage. Freya proposes taking that advantage from them and asks for anything which once belonged to Aurora. They take Aurora instead.

Freya visits Cami and tells her that she supports Cami’s decision to die with dignity and removes the barrier keeping her trapped in Klaus’ room. Freya offers her another choice: starve alone or risk her life to help their cause. Tristan gets the call to meet Elijah and Klaus and decides instead that they should make Hayley suffer.

Freya and Vincent join their powers while Tristan and Marcel show up with the Strix to claim Aurora. Hayley is delivered to the Mikaelsons and Tristan threatens Klaus if Aurora is harmed. As Tristan rescues her, Aurora traps him in a shipping container with the Seratura. But it isn’t Aurora. It’s Cami.

The Strix are told to attack, but Elijah reminds them that he’s their sire. Killing him, or trying, would result in the deaths of all of them. Aya stands up to him and Marcel stands up to Aya telling her to be smarter than Tristan. 

When Cami once again says she intends to die, Klaus begs her not to leave him. When she walks away, Elijah stops Klaus from following, telling him that if he follows her, he will lose her forever. 

Elijah and Klaus tell Tristan he’s going to the bottom of the ocean where he will drown again and again for centuries to come. 

Cami visits her brother’s grave and asks Vincent to meet her in the cemetery. She knows he won’t judge her no matter what she chooses. He tells her the world is better with her in it and that it’s amazing what can happen when people stop fighting what they are. She begins to wonder if being a vampire would help her be strong enough to change the city.

She feeds on Vincent to transition.

Marcel sits in his loft and listens to jazz when he gets a visit from Elijah. They discuss loyalties and toast to their success.

Klaus and Freya discover Aurora has been set free and assume Lucien had something to do with it. Hayley says goodbye to Jack and sends him off in a burial ceremony while the remaining members of their pack and Elijah watch. 

Klaus returns to Cami’s apartment to find that she has transitioned and is drinking her fill from blood bags stolen from his stash

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Hayley: I’m not exactly sure what you’re going to hunt in the French Quarter.
Jack: Hipsters.

I’ll tell you what I know about death, Camille. Death dances silently in everyone’s shadow, and she doesn’t give a damn. So why give a damn about her?