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New Orleans prepares for Halloween as The Originals Season 3 Episode 4 begins. Marcel runs through mostly asleep streets and returns home to find an empty bourbon glass on his bar and a set of cuff links in the empty bottle. He finds a masquerade suit hanging on the wall and gets a call from Tristan inviting him to a gala. Tristan offers to open up global leadership opportunities to New Orleans' former king.

At the gym, Hayley asks Elijah about the Strix when she a hand-delivered invitation arrives at the compound. He doesn't want to give her any information but she reminds him that she's part of the family. Freya is meditating in Klaus' study when Hayley and Elijah interrupt. Having been filled in on the happenings in the Quarter, Hayley wants to meet Lucien's seer.

Klaus finds Lucien at a bar and the two visit Alexis together, but the seer is gone. Lucien believes someone has taken her because Alexis doesn't go outside. They call Freya for help in finding her. She locates Alexis at the Davilla Estate, which is where Tristan's party is taking place.

Elijah helps Hayley choose a dress to wear to Tristan's ball. The tension between them is thick. At the party, most of the vampires there recognize Elijah as the founder of their sire line. He tells Hayley that he sired Tristan and a group of others because he believed he was creating an elite brotherhood. Instead he cultivated a group of sociopaths.

Aya tells Marcel that Tristan wants him to join their society in order to bridge the gap between the sire lines. Elijah sees Marcel across the room and recognizes the party as an initiation and not just a gathering. Before he can join the Strix, Marcel must find the person who has stolen his daylight ring and vanquish the foe. If he succeeds, he becomes one of the Strix. If he does not, he dies.

Tristan introduces himself to Hayley at the bar and asks for a dance, during which he tells her that they consider her part of the Mikaelson family. He calls her a "novelty" and points out that she was created that way by her daughter. Her survival does not depends on the original vampires. Klaus, Lucien, and Freya crash the gala and Freya learns that Alexis left because Lucian is doomed.

When Alexis prevents Freya from casting a spell, Freya channels her inner Mikaelson and knocks the seer out with a punch. Downstairs, Lucien and Klaus have been providing a necessary diversion. Marcel, meanwhile, has been working with Hayley to try and figure out who stole his daylight ring. When Tristan shortens his time by an hour, Marcel successfully deduces that Aya and Mohinder worked together to steal his ring. To win, Marcel must defeat Mohinder.

They fight valiantly and when Mohinder feeds on Marcel, as is his custom, he is infected with werewolf venom courtesy of a bite from Hayley. He is invited to join the Strix, provided he survives his werewolf bite. Klaus heals him after first reminding Marcel that they fight a common enemy.

Alexis says she has seen the weapon which will kill Klaus and offers her arms to Hayley and Elijah instead of Lucien and Klaus. Her visions have been poisoned and she dies in Lucien's arms. Tristan believes Lucien poisoned his own seer and believes doing so was a calculated move so that people would trust him. Elijah tells Tristan he wants proof.

Aurora arrives in New Orleans.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Oh, good! It's my not-so-loving elder brother and my former one-night stand! What a nice, normal family gathering!


Hayley: Why are they all staring at you?
Elijah: I'm kind of a big deal around here.