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Aurora wakes up in Klaus' bed on The Originals Season 3 Episode 6 and Klaus has received some shocking news about the day's events. 24 hours earlier, Freya practiced magic in order to talk to Rebekah in Morocco. The two witch sisters used their magic to connect periodically. After Freya leaves, Aya and a henchman kill Rebekah's host body.

Freya returns to the compound to find the place trashed and her brothers sitting around a dining room table. Klaus and Elijah inform her that they "had a chat" and have decided that Tristan and Lucien are in town and working together against the brothers. The only solution, then, is that their first sired must die.

Detective Kinney takes Cami to the precinct, still convinced she's the serial killer. Lucien arrives, knocks Kinney out, and kidnaps Cami. Hayley notcies she's being followed while on her way to meet Davina. She takes a detour down an alley and bites a member of the Strix.

Elijah tells Freya that he created the Trinity when he turned Tristan and compelled the three of them to become the Mikaelsons. Mikael went off in search of them while his real children enjoyed centuries of decadence and life. After hearing the story, Freya begins to shake and senses that something is wrong with Rebekah.

Aurora spends an afternoon with Klaus in order to determine whose side she's on and Cami wakes up in Lucien's penthouse surrounded by boxes. He needs her help finding a dark object and has threatened Kinney's life if she won't help him find it. 

Freya and Elijah cannot contact Rebekah and determine that her witch body is dead. The real Rebekah wakes up in her coffin aware that something has gone terribly wrong. She finds Aya and several of her Strix friends ready for a fight.

During lunch, Aurora hints that she, Tristan, and Lucien have found a way to avoid dying if the Mikaelsons are killed by whatever threat looms. Hayley takes her follower to Marcel for help in figuring out why she's being tailed.

Rebekah manages to hold her own against several of the Strix but Aya continues bringing in more reinforcements. Freya shows up and snaps the necks of a dozen vampires at once so that Rebekah can escape.

Kinney bleeds into a bucket while Cami continues searching for the medallion. He discovers Cami's family secret and learns that her brother, Sean, was tricked into killing those people in the church. She vows to find the thing Lucien wants in order to save them both.

Marcel and Hayley are advised to kill their captive before he awakes. Elijah and Freya visit Rebekah to convince her to come home. Elijah gets back into his own body just in time to save Marcel and Hayley from Shen Min. Freya has a difficult time convincing Rebekah to return home. She's too close to finding a spell that can bring Kol back. 

Elijah questions Shen Min and learns that Tristan ordered him to take Hayley out so that they could get to Davina. She is needed to activate a weapon which can be used against the originals. Instead of revealing the nature of the weapon, Shen Min removes his daylight ring. 

Cami gives Lucien the medallion in order to save Kinney. Rebekah and Freya go in search of the spell to resurrect Kol and walk into a trap. Freya returns to Elijah and decides it's time to call Klaus.

Aurora reveals that while Tristan and Lucien have been working together, she has been working against them.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Freya: May I ask what happened?
Klaus: We had a little chat about the past.

Hatred's a hell of a thing, Freya.