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The Mikaelsons, Josh, and Marcel prepare for funerals for Cami and Davina. At Davina’s internment, only Marcel, Vincent, Josh,a nd Jol are present. Josh recounts the ways Davina was like a sister to him. Kol can’t bring himself to speak. Marcel unfolds a letter he wrote her but can’t bring himself to read it, vowing instead to make the Mikaelsons answer for what they’ve done.

Hayley and Elijah manage the details of Cami’s funeral at Rousseau’s. Klaus is morose. Detective Kinney shows up to Cami’s wake and asks how she died. Klaus says it was an accident. Marcel brings a flower to pay his respects and Klaus tells Elijah that Marcel’s anger is justified. 

At the compound, Freya works on a spell when Kol enters and confronts her about killing Davina. She believes the prophecy will still come true, but Kol doesn’t care. 

Kinney meets with Vincent and asks to know the truth about Cami’s death. Vincent dodges the answer, but Kinney won’t let it go. When Kinney starts pushing, Vincent tries to leave. He ends up telling Kinney the truth.

Marcel reveals to Josh that he has a vial of Lucien’s serum, but Josh isn’t impressed. He thinks it’s risky and that Marcel shouldn’t go for it because it will make him Public Enemy No. 1. 

Elijah finds Freya working on her spell and helps boost her power allowing her to see that Marcel is the monster. She shares the vision with Elijah and he watches as they all die. 

Klaus visits Marcel in the loft and tries to level with him. It doesn’t work. Marcel questions whether they are allies or enemies. Klaus tries to call him family but Marcel doesn’t want to hear it. He follows Klaus out of the loft and takes the vial with him. 

Kol packs his belongings when a music box begins to play. A matchbook catches on fire and all the doors close in his room. He knows he’s not alone and when he sees Davina in the mirror he hallucinates that she’s trying to kill him.

Vincent takes Kinney to his apartment and shows him what no one else in the city wants to see. He also shows him a device Eva made which stores negative juju. Vincent plans to use it to sever the connection between the ancestors and the living world. 

Klaus takes Marcel to the bridge where Klaus had him scatter his father’s ashes in order to discuss their family bonds. Klaus calls Marcel his son but Marcel laughs in his face. As they continue to talk, Elijah joins them on the bridge. 

Kinney breaks up a coven meeting with a SWAT team so that Vincent can set off his juju bomb. To do so, Vincent has to go into the spirit world, and to do that, he has to die. Kol is there to help. 

Elijah doesn’t help the situation on the bridge and Klaus plays mediator between them, not yet knowing Marcel is in possession of the serum. 

When Klaus finds out what the serum is, he demands Marcel hand it over and says that doing so will make them equal. The lights begin to flicker on the bridge and Elijah sees a scene from Freya’s vision. 

Kol doesn’t just want to send Vincent to the spirit world. He wants to go too. With Josh’s help, Vincent and Kol prepare to enter the spirit world. Marcel reads Klaus and Elijah and then makes a move to drink the serum. As Marcel promises to bring Klaus pain, Elijah rips his heart out. 

Vincent and Kol summon Davina and she tells them she’s in pain. Elijah and Klaus argue over Elijah’s treatment of Marcel, with Elijah maintaining he had no choice and Klaus refusing to believe that. 

Davina sends Vincent out of the spirit world before he has a chance to set off the bomb. Elijah turns to Hayley for comfort and asks for her forgiveness for killing Marcel. Davina asks Kol to give a message to Josh and Marcel. Before saying goodbye, Kol tells her about the first time he saw her. They share I love you and she sends him out and casts the spell to sever their worlds.

Hayley joins Klaus on the balcony and tells him he has to forgive Elijah. Vincent, Josh, and Kol meet Kinney in the cemetery and Vincent vows to make positive strides in the human world. Kinney thanks him for sharing the truth.

Hayley advises Elijah to forgive himself and he responds by trying to walk away. Then he turns back to kiss Hayley.

Vincent and Josh enter the loft to find Klaus and they learn that Marcel is dead. Then Josh learns that Marcel drank the serum the day before. The Mikaelsons think he’s dead but he’s being remade into an Original.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

It’s funny, you know. I missed out on the whole binge drinking thing in college, but guess I’m making up for with the drowning my sorrows thing.


It seems you’re always willing to watch the world burn as long as you survive.

Marcel [to Klaus]