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Lucien wanders New Orleans with Aurora sampling the local flavor. He propositions her with a new adventure and hopes that in doing so, she’ll be his. Lucien gives her the second serum and asks her to spend the rest of her immortal life with him. In exchange, she wants Tristan rescued.

Freya spends time going over the Mikaelson grimoires hoping to find a way to demolish Lucien. 

Davina takes Kol to the St. James Infirmary so that the ancestors can’t torment him. He isn’t happy to see Vincent inside.

Klaus finds Cami at home reading The Art of War. She’s safeguarded her apartment against vampires being able to enter and Klaus asks that she not have him invited in either.

Klaus spies Lucien in the middle of the New Orleans Jazz Fest and tracks his progeny to an alley where the men fight. Lucien is faster and stronger than even Klaus and Cami overhears their fight. When Klaus tries to stab Lucien with Papa Tunde’s blade, Lucien turns Klaus’ hand so that Klaus is the one who is stabbed.

Vincent counsels Kol to remember why the ancestors might be angry with him so they can figure out whether there might be a way to end their control over the city. Vincent believes the ancestors chose Lucien because they believe he’s a weapon they can use against not just the Mikaelsons but all vampires.

Cami visits the compound to let everyone know that Lucien has Klaus’s body at the Penthouse. Lucien calls to demand an audience with Elijah. Aurora and Lucien torture Klaus while they wait for the meeting with Elijah. Hayley attempts to stop Elijah from going to the meeting with Lucien, but she’s unsuccessful and instead cautions him to be careful.

Vincent visits the cemetery to have a talk with the ancestors. They respond by refusing to talk with him and making Van Nguyen Regent of the 9 covens. 

Klaus tries to prey on Aurora’s sense of love or lust for him in order to get himself released, but it doesn’t work. She recognizes it as an act and a failed seduction and drinks the serum right in front of him. Lucien delivers his ultimatum to Elijah as Aurora plans how to kill herself so that she can be reborn as an original.

Hayley partners with Cami and they travel to Lucien’s penthouse, making a stop at a pharmacy first. Lucien and Elijah continue dickering about the terms of Lucien’s offer. Before punching Elijah, Lucien admits he doesn’t really care what happens to Tristan.

While they’re dancing, Kol is suddenly overcome with hunger and he and Davina realize magic can be done inside the St. James. Marcel shows up just in time and snaps Kol’s neck to free Davina up for helping Vincent.

Freya uses a spell to trap Lucien. Just as Aurora is about to stake herself, Hayley and Cami arrive. Hayley tries to rip Aurora’s heart out but Klaus stops her so that Aurora won’t die and be reborn. 

Kol finds himself in Marcel’s hands and Davina finds herself in the cemetery where she learns Van is the new Regent. Davina and Vincent channel each other’s magic to stop the spell breaking the magic barrier at the St. James. Marcel tells Kol that the only solution is for him to leave New Orleans and go to a place where the ancestors can’t reach him in order to protect those he loves. 

The ancestors help Lucien step out of her spell where he begins taking on the Strix. Aurora tortures Cami by throwing her through the barrier of Lucien’s apartment. Freya tries to use magic to pull Lucien’s heart out of his chest, but the ancestors stop her and Elijah helps his sister escape. Cami and Hayley manage to rescue Klaus.

Davina rejoins Marcel at the St. James looking for Kol. She learns that he’s left town until she can find a permanent solution to the problem. As soon as he leaves the city limits, Kol feels better, but he also begins to desiccate. His rebirth is tied to the city. 

Lucien arrives home to find that while Aurora drank the vial, she’s gone. He watches a surveillance video and learns that Aurora will never love him. The siblings revel in their day’s success and Hayley sends Klaus to Cami. Lucien gets there first.

The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Hayley: The whole point in putting the deed to this place in Freya’s name was to make this place impenetrable and now you’re going to pick a fight with a guy who can kill you?
Elijah: Yes, well, when you put it that way it does sound a little reckless.

Kol: You must be growing tired of saving my ass.
Davina: Actually, I kind of like it.