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As The Originals Season 3 Episode 8 begins, Cami tries to get away from Aurora but is unable to escape. Aurora takes her to the gym where Marcel trains his vampire hopefuls and lines them up to turn them with Cami the only source of human blood in the room. 

Freya and Elijah trap Tristan in a spell in order to try and force him to reveal the location of Rebekah's body. He calls Hayley for backup so that she can infect him with werewolf venom and she reveals that Jackson still hasn't returned from the bayou. 

While they wait for Klaus to arrive or for the vampires in transition to wake up, Aurora tries to figure out how she and Cami are alike in order to figure out the nature of Cami's relationship with Klaus.

Aya pays a visit to Marcel to learn more about Davina's demotion as Regent. In order to pay his dues, the Strix want him to go to war with the Mikaelsons to get Tristan back. If he doesn't complete the task, the Strix will kill him.

Mary shows up at Hayley's apartment looking to help patch things up between Jackson and Hayley. Elijah sends Hayley back to her husband.

Cami continues psychoanalyzing Aurora, much to Aurora's dismay. Lucien and Klaus find a clue to Cami's whereabouts and Lucien suggests Klaus just let Cami die so that his secrets will die along with her. 

Freya steps in to assist Elijah with Tristan and Elijah is able to uncover a word, "cepheus," from Tristan's memories. Marcel arrives to carry out the Strix' business in the compound. He tries to convince Elijah to hand Tristan over so that he can use the rescue to get in deeper with the group, but Elijah refuses.

Mary counsels Hayley on the best way to handle Jackson. 

Tristan tries to use their shared love for their sisters to get Freya to crack. He calls on Finn's memory, advising Freya to speak to her brother so that she may learn to trust Tristan.

Aurora demands Cami reveal her deepest secret and she tells a story about how she once was arrested for beating up her college roommate's boyfriend. Klaus arrives and professes his love for Aurora in hopes that she will leave Cami alone.

Marcel and Elijah continue their discussion about the Strix and what they should do with Tristan. The Strix arrive to take back their leader and Hayley hears the scuffle from across the street. Mary urges her not to enter the fight, but she does anyway, showing up just before Marcel stakes Elijah with the weapon from Aya. Marcel kills the two goons who try to kill Hayley in hopes of salvaging just a little bit of his dignity.

Cami awakens to find Klaus has left her alone with a room full of vampires in transition. Outside, Klaus and Aurora keep fighting about their relationship. He goes into her mind and learns her half of Rebekah's coordinates just before hearing Cami in trouble inside the gym. He leaves Aurora to go and save the girl.

Hayley and Freya try to convince Elijah that Marcel is still on their side. In his loft, Marcel convinces Aya and Tristan that he's with the Strix.

Hayley returns home to Mary and Hope and sends a message to Jackson. Marcel learns what Cepheus is and shares the information with Elijah, who shares it with Klaus. They believe they can find Rebekah with the information from Marcel.

Lucien sidles up to Aurora in an attempt to win her over following her fight with Klaus. Klaus takes Cami to his home so that he can protect her. Freya summons Finn from inside her pendant.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Oh, Freya, I am obscenely fond of torture, but yes. When I'm entertaining, I like to be the one to decide when and how we should violate the guests.


Whatever we have in common, it's outweighed by the fact that I want you dead.

Freya [to Tristan]