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Kol sits in the St. James Infirmary holding Davina's lifeless body when Marcel enters and finds them both. Kol recounts the ways he tried to keep himself from hurting Davina, but none of it is enough for Marcel. Together they decide to find a way to bring Davina back.

Cami's body rests in Klaus' room. Hayley brings him one of Jackson's old journals in hopes that there may be something in them about ancient werewolves which will help them defeat Lucien. Hayley offers to arrange Cami's wake, but Klaus doesn't want to hear of it. Freya and Vincent try to figure out a way to draw the wolf serum out of Aurora's body. 

Vincent says they need to consecrate Davina's body but Kol believes that will leave her defenseless against the ancestors who despise her. Marcel and Vincent overrule Kol and move forward with their plan so they can resurrect her.

Lucien meets with Van Nguyen, New Orleans' Regent, and learns that the only way he's getting into the Mikaelson compound is with Freya's invitation. Since killing Cami didn't lure Klaus out, Lucien decides to go after Rebekah. Klaus agrees to help Kol and Marcel with Davina's resurrection. While Freya prepares her spell, they learn that Lucien is planning an attack.

Klaus and Hayley head into the bayou to retrieve Rebekah's body while Vincent consecrates Davina's corpse and Freya tries to pull her spirit into a circle for resurrection. The ancestors fight Freya and try to keep Davina's spirit permanently, but the Mikaelson magic wins out. Temporarily.

Freya figures out a way to kill Lucien. She needs to use Davina as a conduit to the ancestral magic, but in doing so, they will lose Davina forever. Elijah doesn't want to do it. Freya doesn't know what to do.

While in the bayou, Hayley and Klaus get a call about Freya's plan. Klaus refuses to allow it and tells them to find another way. Van closes in on the location of Rebekah's body. Feelig his recent loss, Klaus tells Hayley to stop wasting her time with Elijah. 

Vincent meets with Van in the cemetery to try and talk to him about the danger he's in by doing favors for the ancestors and vampires. He and Kol kidnap Van and Lucien crashes his car into Klaus and Hayley. Freya decides she needs to move forward with her plan to channel Davina. Kol and Vincent return to the compound with Van with hopes they can resurrect Davina.

Lucien and Klaus fight in an abandoned house while Davina runs from the ancestors in the afterlife. Kara Nguyen tries to shred Davina's soul while Lucien tries to kill Klaus. Van's spell doesn't work.

When Lucien has his hand wrapped around Hayley's heart, Freya and Elijah arrive. Freya does her spell and removes Lucien's power returning him to an ordinary vampire. Elijah rips out his heart. They burn his body. Klaus gives Hayley instructions for Cami's funeral and Freya tells Klaus what she's done.

They find Marcel drinking in the study. He disavows himself as part of their family. Kol kills Van in retaliation to the spirits. Vincent severs ties with Freya for what she did to Davina. Hayley turns to Elijah for comfort and Klaus turns to Hope.

Vincent makes Marcel an offer he can't refuse.

The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Maybe death does something to us. Twists us all up into something ugly.


You know, I thought I told Camille everything, every moment that mattered from my past and yet in the mere hours since she died I've thought of a thousand things I forgot to say.