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Freya tells the siblings they need to make a move across the world to be safe from Marcel, or they would be killed. Klaus claimed he wanted one day with Hope before moving. 

Hope seemed frightened and went to paint. Klaus conferred with Hayley who said Hope was just nervous. He then went to paint with her and the two of them bonded. Hope then revived a butterfly and told Klaus to keep it quiet from Hayley. 

Vincent told Marcel they were screwed because the new villain was linked to dark magic that made Eva go crazy. Officer showed up to say there has been four kids missing and the media will be involved by the end of the day. 

Vincent gives Marcel the book and tells him to murder him if he tries to get it from him. 

Hayley helps Keelin escape because Freya is hurting her. Freya decides to go after her and threatens Hayley, but Elijah shows up to tell Freya to call her search off. 

Vincent opens up to Marcel about how Eva became tied to the power in the first place. 

Hope opens up about struggling to control her power and Klaus says he will try help her out. When Klaus realizes she is cold, he takes her inside, but the blue lights appear in the distance. 

Marcel and Elijah catch up with the villain, who stakes Marcel and knocks Vincent out. 

Freya catches up with Keelin and tells her she will be hurt if she persists in trying to run. 

Rebekah tells Klaus she wants to find happiness and Klaus gives his blessing for her to pursue her own life. 

Hayley and Elijah have hot vampire sex. 

Freya makes a deal with Keelin to help her save her family and she will be set free. 

The Originals
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The Originals Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Hope: Hello.
Klaus: Hello.
Hope: Mom, can I go play in the garden?
Hayley: Um, yeah. Sure.

We need to put an ocean between us and Marcel Gerard as soon as possible.