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Freya noticed Dominic was back in New Orleans and turned to Josh to make a deal to save Marcel and the Mikaelsons. 

Hayley and Klaus joined forces to find a way to take down The Hollow, but they realized it was going to be difficult. 

Sofya met with Dominic and opened up about Marcel being cloaked. Dominic daggers her and says he will sort it. 

Freya had Josh pose as Marcel to capture Dominic. Their plan worked. 

Elijah murdered witches to have them resurrected with the ancestral magic, but Vincent was shocked because Elijah did not do it right. 

Klaus opened up to Hayley about how bad it was to live locked up for five years. 

Dominic managed to overpower Freya and killed her after attacking Keelin. With Freya down, the spell dropped and Dominic appeared at the house to cause trouble. 

Klaus killed him and learned that Hope had let Marcel out of sequester. 

Klaus searched and found the two of them on the square. Freya appeared at the house, and told Keelin to leave because she was getting in the way. 

Vincent managed to get the ancestors to accept the offering, before trashing Elijah for putting the lives at risk. 

Freya found a link to Tyler's werewolf line because they were not trusted with the bones. 

Keelin then declared her love for Freya and they kissed it out. 

Sofya was then taken over by The Hollow. 

The Originals
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The Originals Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Hope: Dad, was there a little boy who used to live here?
Klaus: Come on, sweetheart. We can discuss ancient history another time.

It's not exactly the most uplifting of reading material.