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Freya scolded the Mikaelsons for feeding on inmates and drawing attention. Kol tries to say it's too early to go after the villains, but Elijah says it's time. 

Vincent continues to look for Adam. 

Rebekah and Elijah turn to Josh to find out details about Marcel, but he does not know anything. Elijah goes to help find Klaus, while Rebekah goes to try and get Marcel on her side. 

Kol stays with Josh, while Elijah, Haley and Freya go through the tunnels to find Klaus. Klaus is having visions of Cami to help him cope through his predicament. 

Rebekah meets with Marcel and threatens him, but she is shot. Marcel says no one is to harm Rebekah. 

Kol checks Josh's phone to find a text from Marcel and snaps his neck. 

Marcel arrives and bumps into Elijah. Hayley helps Freya open the spell, while Elijah fought Marcel. Hayley then tried to talk Marcel around, but he refused to let Klaus go. 

Klaus appeared and used the dagger on Marcel and they all ran off. Marcel managed to pull the dagger back out. 

Marcel catches up with them all and gets ready to fight, but he agrees to let them all go because it felt good knowing he did not have to become them to defeat them. 

They escaped and Klaus thanked everyone for saving him. 

Meanwhile, Vincent went after the witch and got a fright because he felt it was very dark magic that no one should be using. He warned Maxine to steer clear of it. 

The Originals
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