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Alaric offers to meet up with Klaus to keep the originals out of Mystic Falls. Klaus says Elijah will meet him because he has to go elsewhere. 

Elijah turns to Marcel for help to meet Alaric. They bicker and Elijah turns over the dagger and says he could give Marcel it as a peace offering. 

Sofya is in another room and hears this. 

Klaus and Hayley meet the witches and are sent to the other side and are greeted by Davina, who says she knows how to take down The Hollow. 

Davina reveals that The Hollow was born from two groups putting a feud aside when one of each got married and had a baby. That baby was The Hollow. 

Davina said the only hope to take her down was Hayley and took her away from Klaus. 

Marcel and Elijah bickered, with Marcel claiming he did not want to forgive Elijah. Elijah admitted he could not forgive himself. 

Sofya stopped Alaric on the road to steal the bones, but Alaric made the truck explode, sending her flying. 

Davina revealed that The Hollow created the curse when she was killed, she put a curse on the six families. 

Hayley's family was one of them and her blood would help kill the hollow. 

Elijah and Marcel tried to steal one of the bones, but Sofya stopped them. 

Hayley arrived and stabbed The Hollow with her blood, but the woman said she could only be released by the release of power, from killing an immortal. 

Davina revealed to Klaus that he was the sacrifice. Marcel, Hayley and Klaus showed up and Davina told Marcel he had to be the one to kill Klaus. 

When they refused to take part, Davina said killing him would save everyone else. They still refused. Davina forced the venom from Marcel and tried to send it to Klaus. 

Hope stepped in to save the day, and sent Davina away. Alaric later told Klaus about the magic school and said Hope would thrive there. 

Hayley argued with Elijah for offering himself up as a sacrifice. They fixed things, but then Hayley told him to go give Marcel the dagger back. 

Sofya was waiting and daggered Elijah. 

Marcel apologized at Davina's tomb, while saying there is always another way. 

The Originals
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