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Hope bumped into Roman at the school and they both got talking about what was happening. Hope then went to meet Freya who was helping Hope bind her werewolf side. 

But, as the grisly mission was underway, Klaus showed up and stopped them in their tracks. He then told Marcel he knew the truth and opined that his former friend wanted love and that made him desperate. 

The group learned that Greta had Hayley and that was not returning her any time soon. 

In flashbacks, we got to meet August, a 1930s man who did not like the supernatural lore... so much so that he killed them. But Elijah gave his daughter - yes, daughter - Antoinette a way out. 

Elijah was none too pleased when he realized what was going on, and tried to get rid of Antoinette, but she managed to talk him around. 

It was then revealed that Roman was also part of the family and he was luring Hope into a trap. 

Josh continued to ponder what a life would be like without the Mikaelsons and seemingly set out to craft a plan of his own to restore order around town. 

The Originals
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The Originals Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Elijah: You were right.
Antoinette: About?
Elijah: The feeling after sundown without the ring. It's just, the most transcendent joy.
Antoinette: I'll take credit for most of that joy.

Behind you, on the corner. Don't look. He was in the bar earlier.