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If you’re a beloved hybrid in New Orleans, you get not one but two funerals! 
And that’s probably for the better because if you’re a hybrid in New Orleans that’s in any way affiliated with the Mikealson family, someone is bound to crash your party… er, second line parade. 
While all the factions put aside their difference to join Hope in mourning Hayley Marshall, Greta’s vampires were out for blood. And by blood I mean they wanted to finish what their master started. 
They crashed the service after finding out that Elijah and Antoinette were kidnapped and locked up by Klaus, who snapped his brother's neck and bit Antoinette the minute he realized they had infiltrated his city. 
And the best part is that neither Elijah nor Antoinette were "enlighted" or entertained by the group's radicalized ideologies. 
When Elijah woke up and realized what his brother had done, he called him to make a deal --  he'd take back his memories in exchange for Klaus' blood which would save Antoinette from the lethal bite.
Klaus feigned interest but eventually passed on the offer. He wholeheartedly blamed Elijah for his baby momma's death and told Marcel that he looked her right in the eye as she died. It isn’t something he can just easily forgive. 
When Elijah realized his brother was a dead end, he called Marcel who was more easily persuaded.
Marcel turned to Vincent for help. He was wary about waking up Elijah at first because the whole point of erasing his memories had been to ensure that he would stay away from Klaus and New Orleans.
Marcel promised that "woke" Elijah would return to France and take Greta's shippers with him. And his case was compelling -- all the bad things that have happened have been a direct result of Elijah's memory loss. 
Vincent finally agrees and they met the couple inside the cell. 
Antoinette didn't want him to get his memories back because she knows that they will eventually break up because the family will always win. 
She also doesn't want to lose what they had, but Elijah won't let her die. 
Before they gave over the cure, Vincent opened Elijah's mind with a spell, and Marcel began compelling him to remember. 
But inside his head, Elijah seemed to be fighting back and refusing to “open the red door.” 
Eventually, he collapsed to the ground.  
Klaus relied on Ivy to perform an astral projection so he could be by Hope’s side during the funeral. 
When he tried to go assist his daughter, Ivy forcefully stopped him and explained the prophecy to him in full -- every minute the family spends together bring death and destruction upon New Orleans. The final phase of the prophecy will kill all the firstborns in the city including herself, Hope and Freya. 
Feeling powerless that he cannot even be there to comfort his daughter as she buries her mother, Klaus headed to the bayou where the wolf faction was preparing Hayley’s wolf funeral. 
He carved her name into a tree right under Jackson and Mary’s names and then begged her to give him some direction.
“I don’t know what to do, and I really wish that you were here to tell me… little wolf.”
When Freya finally told Klaus what Marcel and Vincent were up to, he was visibly upset. He reveals that he didn’t refuse Elijah’s offer to hurt him, but rather, to protect him.
If Elijah got his memories back and knew all the damage he’d done, he would be destroyed. 
“Either way, we’ve lost him,” Klaus admitted. 
As Hope headed to the bayou for the funeral, Klaus made his exit. 
This time, all of Hayley’s closest friends -- except for Declan who they forgot to inform about her death -- were there to say goodbye. 
Even Keelin was notified somehow and returned to be there for her girlfriend, Freya. 
Klaus broke the rules one last time to be by his daughter’s side and provided her comfort in a time of need. Before he departed permanently, he promised to find a way back to her and she promised to fix things so they can finally be together. 
As the storm intensified, they exchanged one last “I love you” and he was off. 
He didn't get too far, however, because a magical entity snapped his neck and the next thing you know, he woke up inside a spelled compound.
And he's trapped inside with Elijah! 
Somone, possibly Ivy, Roman or one of Greta’s witches, wanted to force them to be in the same place together so they make the prophecy come to fruition.
The Originals
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The Originals Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

No news. Today is all about reflecting on the loss of a vibrant woman. No news, because news means information, information means action, and actions mean dead people. I don't want any news.


Elijah: You listen to me, okay? Anything happens to her, I won't ever forgive this.
Klaus: One doesn't need forgiveness from enemies. And that's where we are, you and I. We're certainly no longer family.