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Elijah is dazed and confused as he exits a bus in Sunnyvale. He thinks he's hungry, but his animal instincts kick in and he kills a man for blood. 

He makes his way to New York City, and meets Antoinette, a fun and different vampire who is intent on killing her prey without them having fear. 

As such, she compels them while draining their blood because she did not want it to be tainted. 

Everything changed when Marcel attacked Elijah in the park because someone was returning to town and they could not be together. 

Klaus showed up seven years later when they were in France ... just as Elijah was proposing to Antoinette. Klaus tells Elijah all about the family, but Elijah is done and wants nothing to do with them. 

He says he studied everything about the Mikaelsons and knows how horrible they are and does not want the memories. 

He leaves Klaus behind, gets engaged to Antoinette, throws his ring away and lets himself burn in the sunlight. Is he killing himself, or something else?


The Originals
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The Originals Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Driver: Know where you're going, hon?
Elijah: I... I need food.
Driver: Chicken and waffles, two miles up the road. Good luck to you.

Antoinette: Not big on audiences. So, unless you want to die, I suggest you run.
Elijah: I thought I was the only one.