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Klaus and Elijah take Hope to Mystic Falls to try and find a way to save Hope's life. 

Caroline is not happy to see Klaus because he promised he would stay away from there, but Klaus asks her to have her daughters siphon the Hollow out of him and to send him to the bottom of the ocean with it. 

Alaric flips out, saying the flaw with the plan is that Klaus cannot be contained in an ocean. Klaus agrees, so he presents a white oak stake and says that he will kill himself when the hollow is inside him. 

Alaric reluctantly agrees to go forward with the plan. 

Elijah looked after Hope for the day, and they bonded over everything that happened. Elijah said that he never had much of a childhood as a result of looking after his family. 

Hope fainted and met her mother, who was at peace on the other side with Jackson and her family said that Hope needed to live a fulfilled life and told her to tell Elijah she was waiting on a dance. 

Hope told Elijah and he was happy. 

Caroline told Klaus that he was not the villain in her story. The lean in for a kiss, but they leave it there. 

At the school, Hope starts her transition and the twins do the spell, but Elijah breaks free and the brothers engage in a battle. 

The Originals
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The Originals Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

You are being a good father. You are being a good person. And how could I tell you not to do that when that is all that I've ever—


Klaus: Thank you, for allowing your daughters to be involved in this mess. For trusting me.
Caroline: Years ago, when the girls were really little, I was in trouble. I was scared, I just, I put the girls in the car, and I drove. And I ended up in New Orleans...looking for you. You weren't there, but the point is, I think a part of me has always known that you weren't the villain of my story.