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Hope and Keelin realized they should get married before it's too late, and set out to do so on the very day they decided to get married. 

A chat with Rebekah made Freya realize she could not marry Keelin because she hadn't been as with her about the future as she should have been. 

Freya called the wedding off because she was worried about having children, but the two women managed to come to an agreement because Freya strived to make all the decisions for the family. 

The wedding ultimately went off, and Elijah showed up to walk Freya down the aisle. 

Davina tried to find a way to save Hope but someone destroyed the grimoire, meaning there was no hope to save the troubled teen. 

Declan learned the truth about New Orleans and went out of his way to try and take Marcel down. Marcel offered to kill him in return, but Davina said Josh would want everyone to get along, and it made Marcel offer to tell him how to make things right. 

Klaus and Elijah united to save Hope. 

The Originals
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