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Hope went to the magic school and gave a boy a vial of her blood. The kid then killed himself and became a hybrid. 

It put him on the outs with his pack in the bayou and Hayley tried to stop a fight from kicking off between the vampires and the hybrids. 

But Hayley was knocked out by an invisible force and kidnapped. 

Meanwhile, Caroline cornered Klaus when he continued to kill his way across Europe and she told him he needed to get it together. 

Freya and Keelin struggled to keep their relationship in good standing with Keelin out of New Orleans. 

Rebekah jilted Marcel at the altar and made her way back to New Orleans in order to save her family. 

Also, Klaus visited Elijah and found himself causing trouble around the world for his family as a result of The Hollow's grip on them. 

Vincent wanrned that there was going to be an uprising and that they needed to find a way to move on without a fight. 

Vincent was shocked in the closing moments to find blood rain in the Quarter. 

The Originals
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The Originals Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I don’t know what year you think it is, Klaus, but I’m the mother of twins, I was married and widowed on the same day, and I’m responsible for an entire school full of kids — including yours. You know, the one you haven’t asked about? Why have you been avoiding her? She’s beautiful, and she’s smart. Maybe too smart for her own good, like her father.


Vincent: Josh, I don't know how many times I have told you that what goes on in this city is no longer any of Marcel Gerard's business, okay? And guys, this is what I'm always talking about. Marcel means Rebekah, Rebekah means Kol and Elijah, and I don't even want to think about Klaus right now 'cos apparently he has lost his mind.
Freya: Oh, come on, we don't know if those rumors are true.