Watch The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 online now to learn about Freya's life as Dahlia's magical slave! She's worse than we imagined!

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Freya meets with Klaus and Elijah on The Originals Season 2 Episode 16. Watch The Originals online to learn the lengths to which Dahlia will go to ensure she stays the most powerful witch who ever lived (one year every century...).

Elijah and Rebekah trust Freya. Klaus does not. They want Freya's help in dealing with Rebekah's Eva Sinclair problem but Klaus will not allow it, instead opting to put Freya's claim that she cannot die to the test. Elijah and Rebekah go off in search of another witch to help them with their problem but they come up with information but not a magical antidote.

Marcel tells Rebekah she's the strongest person he knows and then Eva Sinclair tries to flash through.

Cami sits down for a chat with Vincent. She explains to him some of the things he did while he was Finn and he can't believe that he was that evil. Vincent gave up his magic which left him vulnerable to Finn's presence within his body. He advises Cami to leave the vampires alone but she says they're better when they stick together.

Davina ends up in trouble. Again. (I know.)

Episode Details

Klaus invites Freya to the compound on The Originals Season 2 Episode 16. He has quite a few questions for his returning sister, as you might imagine.

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