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Bortus joins Grayson for a drink in the mess hall. He downs his drink in one gulp and shares that Topa has a crush on someone. Grayson shares some insights. Bortus admits Klyden was better at talking with Topa about her feelings.

Grayson suggests Topa might be more comfortable talking to another female. Bortus takes this to mean she’ll take over the responsibility of talking to Topa.

Grayson goes to Topa who initially thinks it’s Bortus and refuses to let him in. She welcomes Grayson. Grayson invites her to a simulator exercise and then offers to listen if Topa has anything she needs to talk about.

Topa shares that she likes someone but hasn’t told him yet. Grayson encourages her to share her feelings with the boy.

Topa approaches Malloy and LaMarr in Engineering. She invites Malloy to have a meal with her. He doesn’t get the connotation at first. He tries to let her down easy by comparing their relationship as one of family. She takes the hint and leaves.

Admiral Halsey addresses the crew via video link. He is sending Grayson and Bortus to Heveena’s sanctuary planet to conduct an annual inspection of the colony to make sure the Moclans are not interfering with Heveena and her refugees.

As Bortus and Grayson prepare for their mission, Topa comes in and asks to accompany them. Grayson seconds the idea of Topa meeting Heveena. Bortus says if Mercer approves, she may come.

When they arrive, the Moclan shuttle is on the service instead of in orbit as per the arrangement.

They land and meet the Moclan inspection team, led by Commander Kodon. When he spots Topa, he is incredibly insulting. Bortus takes exception but Grayson cautions him as they are to keep the Moclans in alliance with the Union.

Grayson, Bortus, and Topa enter the colony and are greeted by Osaia. She takes them to Heveena’s quarters where Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” is blasting.

Bortus introduces Topa. She and Heveena greet each other warmly.

Heveena invites them to join them for a meal after the survey is complete. Bortus accepts. Topa is invited to stay with Heveena while Grayson and Bortus conduct their survey.

In the evening, the Moclan women dance to a Moclan version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” as they prepare for the meal.

Bortus promises Topa they’ll return. He and Grayson are asked if they are mates.

Topa asks to be excused so she can watch the luminites, rainbow colored fireflies.

Heveena joins her and gives her a necklace of lava stone. She offers Topa the chance to play a part in the revolution but warns her that she’ll have to keep it a secret from Bortus and Grayson and anyone else aboard the ship.

Topa pledges to keep the secret. She wants to help. Heveena explains that they are trying to rescue female Moclan babies which violates the terms of the agreement and risks the Moclans destroying the colony if they were found out.

Topa’s role is to provide a communication conduit. She agrees to help.

Heveena leaves her and a rare blue luminite catches Topa’s eye. She follows it deeper into the jungle, away from the festivities. She hears branches cracking and hides. When things seem quiet, she stands up, only to be abducted by Kodon’s men and carried back to the Moclan shuttle.

Another of Kodon’s men approaches and announces, “It is done.” They board the shuttle and it takes off.

Back at the celebrations, Heveena describes a book she’s written. Topa’s absence is noticed and a search begins.

Grayson finds the necklace Heveena gave Topa on the ground. Grayson and Bortus return to the shuttle and find that it has been sabotaged.

Using a work around, they take off and Grayson finds an ion trail from the Moclan shuttle. They decide to follow it to rescue Topa instead of returning to the Orville.

On the Moclan shuttle, Topa demands to contact her father and be returned home. Kodon threatens to cut out her tongue if she speaks again.

On the Orville, the fact the shuttle hasn’t returned is a source of worry and Mercer orders Burke to take them into the nebula to the colony, in violation of the agreement with the Moclans.

Mercer and Keyali question Heveena on board the ship. Keyali plans to take a team to the planet to investigate.

Left alone, Mercer presses Heveena as to why Topa was taken. He senses that she’s holding something back.

She shares that she had recruited Topa and given her the name of the Moclan contact and the quantum frequencies used for communication.

Mercer reports what he’s learned to Admiral Halsey. Halsey recommends Heveena testify before the Union Council and admit to the underground female baby rescue she’s been doing. This would endanger the colony but would allow the Union to investigate Topa’s abduction.

Heveena refuses to endanger the colony by testifying. Mercer insists she stay aboard the ship in case they have more questions for her.

Bortus and Grayson continue to pursue the Moclan shuttle. They are headed for a planet in the Zonari System.

Keyali visits Heveena in her quarters. On Mercer’s orders, she takes Heveena to Simulator One. She enters a log cabin simulation. Dolly Parton enters. Heveena is suspicious but Dolly puts her at ease and gets her to sit down to talk.

She gets out her guitar and sings “Try,” to Heveena which changes her mind about testifying.

The Moclan shuttle reaches the Zonari system and lands in a shuttle bay in a complex on the planet. She is forced into a cell with one chair. A one-eyed Moclan directs her to sit in the chair. He gives her water to drink and begins questioning her. When she refuses to give up the name of Heveena’s contact on Moclus, he hits her.

Bortus and Grayson arrive at the planet. They detect the complex where Topa is being held.

The Orville arrives at Union Central. Malloy asks to join Mercer and Heveena when they go to see the Council. After hearing her testimony, the President calls upon the Moclan delegation to produce Kodon and his team for questioning. They protest and demand Heveena’s arrest.

Grayson injures herself in a fall as they approach the complex. As she heals, she apologizes for convincing Bortus to bring Topa on the mission. Bortus shares his feelings for Grayson. They share a moment that is interrupted by the medical device beeping.

Topa’s torture continues. She will not give up the name. The interrogator brings out a Krill pain instrument.

Bortus and Grayson breach the complex. As Topa screams, they detect her biosigns but are seen by Moclan guards.

The torture proves too much and Topa gives up the information. Kodon returns and orders her execution and for her body to be dumped in the canyon. Grayson enters and stuns Kodon. Bortus releases Topa and promises that she is safe.

Bortus sees the interrogator and cannot control his rage. He beats him senseless and zaps him with the Krill weapon straight through the eye. Grayson orders him to stand down and they leave.

They make it back to their shuttle but are pursued by Moclan vessels.

They manage to destroy the Moclan vessels and escape.

The Moclan delegation continues to freak out at the Council, threatening to withdraw from the Union alliance.

Malloy is an observer in the room and scoffs at the Moclans who invite him to speak. Mercer indicates he should stay silent but he speaks up.

The Moclans leave the meeting room and address the Council. They demand an apology for being disrespected. When he challenges anyone to dispute his claims, a door opens.

Bortus and Grayson bring Topa in. She refused medical attention so that everyone could see her injuries. Bortus demands the Moclans answer for their crimes. The members of the Union Council stand in solidarity against the Moclans.

Mercer brings Grayson a “coffee” with a little something in it.

Heveena apologizes to Bortus but doesn’t expect forgiveness. He doesn’t offer forgiveness and moves away from her.

Halsey enters and announces that Moclus has been expelled from the Union.

Heveena’s colony will be recognized as a sovereign state and place it under Union protection.

Dr. Finn heals Topa’s wounds but notes the trauma has done more damage than can be healed easily.

Klyden enters the sick bay. He asks to speak to Topa and they reconcile.

Grayson visits Bortus’s quarters as they are eating a meal. Bortus and Klyden have renounced their Moclan citizenship. Klyden invites Grayson to stay for dinner.

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The Orville: New Horizons Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Malloy: My mom’s like, ‘Why don’t you get him a job on the Orville?” And I’m like, ‘Why should I go out on a limb for this guy just because you dropped the ball when we were kids?’
LaMarr: I mean, he is your brother.

Grayson: Everything all right?
Bortus: There are days when I would rather confront a fleet of Krill battle cruisers than parent a child.