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An unknown civilization attempts first contact, sending a message into space.

The Orville is welcoming a new crewmember, Talla Keyali, who punched her captain in the face. She promises to protect them.

Grayson asks Bortus if he would be willing to have a joint birthday since they have birthdays six days apart.

They receive the civilization's message and celebrate the chance to make first contact.

They arrive in the Gamma Valorum star system after making initial communication. Sending a shuttle down, they are greeted by a huge crowd. Regor 2 is officially welcomed by the Planetary Union. The message was sent a couple of years ago.

Dr. Finn and Keyali are toured around the hospital and notice a large number of premature babies. Dr. Finn is unsure why they are being delivered by C-section early.

The Orville crew and the Regorians have dinner and everything goes well until Grayson mentions her upcoming birthday. At that mention, they are arrested and the rest of the away team taken into custody.

Dr. Finn figures out that the planet is ruled by an astrologically-based belief system and Grayson and Bortus were born under a sign the Regorians believe to be violent. Once Keyali, Mercer, and Dr. Finn are confirmed to be of other signs they are released and told not to come back.

The Planetary Union admiralty refuses to give permission for the Orville to rescue Grayson and Bortus by force.

Grayson and Bortus are taken to an internment camp where all the "Giliacs" are kept for their entire lives. No one tries to escape because they believe the astrological dogma.

Mercer meets with the Prefect again to negotiate the release of Grayson and Bortus. The Prefect refuses to listen or negotiate.

A month later, the admiralty order the Orville to leave orbit in the next twenty-four hours. 

In the camp, a Giliac woman is going into labor but she refuses to bring a doctor because they will take the baby away. They have to hide the baby.

Keyali discovers the reason for the Giliac reputation, a black hole in the center of the astrological sign.

In the camp, during a contraband inspection, the baby's father lets the guards know about the baby and they take her away to be made a societal leader, much to the mother's despair. Grayson prepares to revolt.

LaMarr works out a way to make it look like the Giliac star has reappeared.

Grayson and Bortus make an attempt to break out of the camp but are stopped by the camp warden.

Malloy and LaMarr set up the deception in orbit around Regor 2. It works in time to save Grayson and Bortus from a firing squad.

Aboard the Orville, the crew celebrate Grayson and Bortus' birthday. The camps are disbanded and the baby has been returned to her parents.

The Orville
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The Orville Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Dr. Finn: What do we know about these people from the initial communication?
Mercer: They're awaiting our arrival and they've given us landing coordinates. Other than that, nothing. That's the fun part.

Mercer: You'll give me a heads up if you're going to hit me, yeah?
Keyali: I can't promise that, sir.