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Mercer drinks alone at the bar where the new music system is playing the Casablanca theme until Kitan joins him. He points out their similarities. Bortus arrives and asks that they change course so that he can return to his home planet for his annual urination.

Bortus explains the ceremony is called Ja'loja and that there will be a party afterward and he invites everyone. The ship is taking on a new crew member and Moclus is near Outpost 58 where they'll be taking on the new dark matter cartographer.

Kelly comes to Mercer and explains that she's dating someone and she'll be bringing her boyfriend to the Ja'loja party. Mercer explains that he's still in love with her. She's adamant that their relationship doesn't work because it'll affect his decisions as captain. They argue and she leaves.

Lt. Tyler joins the crew and she's excited about joining an exploratory vessel. When she reaches the bridge, Malloy is immediately attracted to her and then can't stop talking which is awkward.

Isaac is giving Dr. Finn's son, Ty, piano lessons. Marcus comes in with his friend, James, to ask to go to the simulator. Dr. Finn asks to see his homework first and James makes a comment about her being a pain in the ass. Dr. Finn kicks him out and Marcus gets mad and goes to his room. She discusses the situation with Isaac who offers some unlikely solutions. She tells him to shut up and play something jazzy. He plays the Casablanca theme.

James, Marcus, and another classmate hack a replicator in an empty quarters and make a bottle of vodka.

Molloy and Kitan are discussing Lt. Tyler and Bortus joins them. Kitan directs him to ask LaMarr for advice.

In the classroom, James and Marcus are unable to answer the questions the teacher poses them. Kelly waits outside the classroom until the class is dismissed and discusses dinner plans with the teacher, Cassius.

Mercer is looking at pictures from when he and Kelly were married and decides to take a shuttle "out for a drive."

Kitan brings a report in to Bortus and he offers to set her up on a date with one of his subordinates. He explains that it is bad luck to attend a Ja'loja unaccompanied.

Kelly and Cassius are having a drink and she invites him to come to the Ja'loja with her. He's concerned about Mercer's reaction. They kiss and Mercer's shuttle drifts by the window. Mercer is shocked and Kelly sees him before he puts the cloak up. Cassius notices something is wrong and she asks him if they can move their date to the simulator. They arrive to find the three schoolboys drinking the vodka they synthesized.

Dr. Finn tries to talk to Marcus but he refuses. Isaac discusses it with her afterward but gives no helpful suggestions.

LaMarr helps Malloy pick out an outfit. 

Bortus sends Dann to ask Kitan out. It's awkward and Kitan tries to let him down. Dann gets sensitive about his appearance and convinces Kitan to have drinks with him.

Kelly confronts Mercer about taking a shuttle out and peeking into her quarters. He denies it initially and then admits he saw them together.

Dr. Finn is visited by James' parents. They are under the impression that Marcus hacked the synthesizer and that he's the bad influence on James. They are requesting that Marcus be tranferred out of the class. Dr. Finn states that she will attend the parent-teacher conference.

Kelly and Cassius have an argument about whether she is over-reacting to Mercer's intrusion.

LaMarr takes Molloy to a simulation program to practice his dating moves.

Dr. Finn confides in Isaac. He offers to attend the parent-teacher conference with her.

In Mooska's restaurant, Kitan is waiting for Dann. Dann arrives and he reads a poem he wrote for her. He insists that she critique it and when she's honest, he's overly sensitive. She leaves to use the bathroom and he texts her that he misses her. She just leaves.

Mercer visits Cassius in his quarters. Mercer apologizes for the drive-by. Cassius confesses that he and Kelly had a fight. Mercer gives him some advice on how to patch things up.

During the parent-teacher conference, it is revealed that James has hacked his report card. Isaac deduces that the synthesizer hacker was most likely James based on this previous hacking activity. James' parents leave upset and Dr. Finn asks Isaac to accompany her to the Ja'loja.

LaMarr walks Molloy to the mess hall to ask Lt. Tyler out but Molloy chickens out.

They arrive on Moclus and witness the ceremony. 

Kelly and Cassius reconcile at the party where a pianist is playing the Casablanca theme on a baby grand. Dann reads his poem to Molloy and gets praise for it. Marcus thanks Isaac for his help. Mercer tells the bartender he would really appreciate a Krill invasion right about now. Lt. Tyler approaches and sits down next to Mercer with a smile.

The Orville
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The Orville Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Mercer: Y'know what the worst days are, Olix? The days when you can't stay busy. No Krill confrontations. No spatial anomalies. Just nothing going on. And all your thoughts just march inward.
Olix: So most days.

Mercer: How long you had that thing?
Bartender: I had the computer replicate it last week. I'm trying to warm the place up a little bit, y'know? Get a nice vibe going.
Mercer: The late-night-jazz-depressed-guy-at-the-bar vibe? I can help you with that.