On The Orville Season 2 Episode 7, Moclan culture once again conflicts with Planetary Union values when a heterosexual Moclan engineer falls in love with Keyali.

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Grayson breaks up with Cassius who spends a lot of time and effort to try to win her back. Meanwhile, Lokar, a Moclan engineer, comes aboard the Orville to help with deflector dish upgrades. He is a former boyfriend of Bortus' and Bortus is uncomfortable with his presence aboard the ship. Keyali is assigned to help Lokar with bypassing any security protocols that pop up during the test exercise. LaMarr is impressed with the results of the test and declares the upgrade a success. Lokar visits Bortus and Klyden in their quarters and shares a meal with them. He declares that he would like to be friends. Cassius sends Grayson a cookie bouquet but she ends up giving it to Mercer. Lokar surprises Keyali in her quarters and discloses that he is attracted to her, that he is heterosexual, a crime punishable by life imprisonment on Moclus. After seeing Mercer and Grayson together in the mess hall, Keyali seeks out Lokar and takes him to the simulator where they experience 1945 New York City. She tries to teach him to dance and they kiss. She gets called away to deal with a talking plant in Grayson's quarters and when she returns Lokar has disappeared. Using the simulator's playback, she finds evidence that he has been murdered. In a meeting with Lokar's captain, she reveals her relationship with Lokar. The investigation seems to point to Klyden as the murderer but Keyali discovers that Lokar faked his murder, finds him, and he is returned to Moclus to face punishment. Klyden is freed but faces both her ire and Bortus grief.

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On The Orville Season 2 Episode 7, a ship upgrade leads to another conflict between Moclan culture and Planetary Union values. Meanwhile, Grayson breaks up with Cassius.

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The Orville Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Malloy: When Moclans break up, is there, like, all that stabbing like with the divorce?
Bortus: No, each Moclan extracts a tooth and leaves it with his former mate.
Malloy: Yeah, I knew it had to be something like that.

Topa: What is a relationship?
Bortus: It is what comes before the egg.