On The Orville Season 2 Episode 1, the ship picks up a new crew member on their way to an unusual Moclan ceremony. Isaac helps Dr. Finn out.

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Captain Mercer and his first officer, Kelly Grayson, are still at odds over their relationship. he is still in love with her while she has started dating the ship's school teacher, Cassius. The ship detours to Moclan for Bortus to perform his annual urination ceremony, the Ja'loja, which he invites them all to witness as people he holds dear. It is considered bad luck for anyone to attend the Ja'loja single so Bortus tries to set Kitan up with Dann which goes badly. Meanwhile, Molloy is interested in the new dark matter cartographer, Lt. Tyler, so he asks LaMarr to help him to improve his dating skills. Dr. Finn's son Marcus is entering a rebellious stage and starts hanging out with a classmate named James who convinces Marcus to come along when he hacks a synthesizer to make vodka. When they get caught drinking the vodka, James' parents accuse Marcus of being the bad influence and ask for him to be transferred out of the class. Isaac attends the parent-teacher conference and finds evidence that James has previously hacked the grades reporting system. Through this, he infers that James must've been the culprit in hacking the synthesizer and clears Marcus' name.
In the end, Kelly and Cassius reconcile after fighting thanks to Mercer's advice to Cassius. Isaac accompanies Dr. Finn to the Ja'loja. Molloy chickens out of asking Lt. Tyler out but she approaches Mercer at the party and joins him for a drink. Dann and Kitan don't work out.

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On The Orville Season 2 Episode 1, various crew member face personal challenges on their way to witness Bortus perform a Moclan ceremony on his homeworld.

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The Orville Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Mercer: Y'know what the worst days are, Olix? The days when you can't stay busy. No Krill confrontations. No spatial anomalies. Just nothing going on. And all your thoughts just march inward.
Olix: So most days.

Mercer: How long you had that thing?
Bartender: I had the computer replicate it last week. I'm trying to warm the place up a little bit, y'know? Get a nice vibe going.
Mercer: The late-night-jazz-depressed-guy-at-the-bar vibe? I can help you with that.