A Climatic Showdown - The Outsider
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The shootout continues with the body count contiuing to rise. 

Claude follows Ralph and Holly into the cave, and things turn deadly. 

Holly quizzes El Cuco and he says he doesn't know if there are more of him and asks her. 

Claude can't resist and shoots, prompting the cave to start to come in. 

Holly stabs the villain, while Ralph bashes its skull in when it tries to transition. 

Everyone escapes. 

Glory agrees that she will not say anything about the supernatural and the charges against Terry are dropped. 

Holly says goodbye to Ralph after he tells her that they could work together on another case down the line. 

Holly says that an outsider always knows an outsider and that's why she knew what to do to save everyone. 

Holly heads off and says goodbye to Andy, while she has a flash of Jack in her bathroom. She checks to see if she has the El Cuco on her neck. 

However, just as she breathes a sigh of relief, she has a cut on her arm. Did El Cuco survive?

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The Outsider Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Will the real Claude Bolton please stand up!

El Cuco

Holly: Why children?
El Cuco: They taste the sweetest.